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[update]Just got a tablet and i'm trying to get used to it. colored version of earlier animation
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CericCalas [update]Just got a tablet and i'm trying to get used to it. colored version of earlier animation
Kheine 2006-05-15 13:03:24 Realy nice dude ^^ What program do u use?
Zeph 2006-05-15 15:26:48 nice! this is finally colored. i like it alot.
Def Character 2006-05-15 21:23:39 Seems you are getting along fine ^_^
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Random art
Nothing fancy, just trying out my markers and my newly bought markerpaper
Possible Character for comic.
Medium:Colored Pencils
 Sorry for the lightness - A bunny girl because easter is coming. :D
Just a randoom drawing . . . ^.^
Hope you like it . . .
An inverted version of Eden/Saint Vanity, I just experimented and I thought this looked interesting. Chalk style look. (HB pencil, inverted)
This is a drawing of one of my main characters in my manga.
Yay! It's kinda too late, but I finished it anyway ^^ Merry Christmas!
In Norse mythology, Valkyrie are handmaidens of Odin. Said to be beautiful & armoured, they directed the course of battles & selected the most valiant warriors to die.
i started sketching again:)
gonna work on my chick drawings,want them to be better..
And remember kids,Taekwondo is the sport of kings!
A Character From My Manga Inverse I Think you all would like it if you want to see it comes here
underneath the orange grove

the oranges become many distant suns

to the doll houses and dolls that litter the ground

and the girl who they belong to becomes the mediator of the heavens and the earth.
hey there MWS! Yep, long time. Long time... Sketch I made in Dec. 4 months later the upload, how slow can I be? Anyway, I just quickcolored this one, cause it is still a sketch. I have a lot more, also some improved 3Dwork, but i will upload that later. Ciao plastic chin  >:]
im a little new to this site.just wanted to share some stuff iv made.this happens to be something i made a couple of years ago and never got to finish it.
a trio from coman i drew long ago... right to left thomas, naomi and viktor.

the poses n clothes aren't mine O_O except for thomas

oh and the paper's ultra-thin so u can actually c another picture between naomi n thomas xD sry about that.