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Simple sketch and inked... trying to practise with wings and ink and everything..
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Wickka Simple sketch and inked... trying to practise with wings and ink and everything..
Zeph 2006-05-15 20:17:13 nice details.
Def Character 2006-05-15 21:25:17 Very nice Balkan elf...
Arasha 2006-12-02 05:47:53 Wow! Very good! n.n
Wickka 2006-12-04 12:25:30 Thanks everyone! For all the comments! I really appreciate it! :D
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when I see a series i like, I always think 'if i was in this game, how would my character be?'

this is my origional character for Zombie-Loan, her name is Mihito-chan ^^
she's in love with Chika-Kun even though he's kindofa douche, lol
Just a new style
look at it and give comments
Just a fast sketch to get back on paper again so I kept it simple, but my gf liked it and asked me to finish it, so expect a finished version soon.
A Drawing of Prince Nai in chains. Nai is the main character of our primary property Prince Adventure Chronicles. He is also the companies mascot, Fantasy Soft Entertainment, LLC.

Drawn by Josh Smith ^_^;
okay, lets see, i did this as the cover for next month's (online videogame mag) cover, its also one of my favorite games so it was a pleasure doing it AND its the first picture ive inked since...hell, august, so the inkings kinda iffy..., oh, and the shadows are kinda messed up too, but i prefered not going with realistic shadows in this one for the sake of layout..oh well, hope you like it!
The Raging Spaniard
Ozzy Rude, Mayor of Zan, Norhtern Enef.
My two main characters by my cousins pool.... I have no clue how they got there...

3-4hrs with prismacolor markers....
Sometimes I question my sanity. But in the end, I don't really care. =P
i am currently scanner-less... so as soon as I found out i can exploit my friend's scanner, I've uploaded this xD haha
legs and hands a bit of a problem tho xD
Mussgo from Porter.
its the same little boy as my last drawing only this time in color!
Sozo teki
i mead something like D.N.Angle its not my usual style i hope i get some comments on this i really like it
pencil no jutsu
Gaia avi AGAIN?? I'm holding an art auction @ gaia, wanna bid?