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emerencia "aphrodite"
Merink 2006-05-15 13:05:49 aww its me. lol. Anyways I just think your need to work on your proportions and you'll be fine. I like her eyes, they're different
Zeph 2006-05-15 20:21:12 fanart of people? that's something new. It's nice, just i agree with hawk, the shading can be bolder
Def Character 2006-05-15 21:31:37 Maybe it is a perspective pic ^^ but even then proportions, proportions...
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my favorite character in my favorite manga!
Everyones fave headgehog 
It's my mate Meedy, with me as a fairy! I want that hat!
Furapujaku no Bouken
Dustin C.
yurusanzo without the short jacket... i drew alot at work today out of boredom but i wont post it all in one go cause id be spamming the board
xP Posted at - scrapped because i didn't like it - I think i mutated the face too much T______T
evil lizard
Right. A bit late, partly due to the fact that this bugger ATE my tablet, had to switch it with a new one. Anyway, first serious tablet work :) Instead of bell's 'n lights 'n stuff, this years xmas is all about hot chololat-milk, snowy weather and sharing it with people you care and love. It's also a painfull reminder that I can't do eyes that well -_- The guy freaks me out at times...<br><br><center>Merry Christmas and a good Newyear! Don't blow any'o them fingers off, you might need 'm later ;)<br><br>Marius</center>
Random "I have now idea what I'm doing but I'm still doing it" picture. Total mess. ^_^
my newest oekaki! Luffy in his Gear 2nd form! XD
Dustin C.
Hello Peepz out there!
It's been a while, don't have much time these days [school and stuff]
But now and then i can find some time to draw sketches.

i made this for a friend of mine
[ MECHA T30505 ] Just try to make some more time for my renders. And my love for mecha's again ^^. Mannn, I want this dude to be real so he could shoot on all kinds of toilets in amusementparks (3dMax modelling and layout with PS).
Hey, is that word allowed without the +18?