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emerencia "aphrodite"
Merink 2006-05-15 13:05:49 aww its me. lol. Anyways I just think your need to work on your proportions and you'll be fine. I like her eyes, they're different
Zeph 2006-05-15 20:21:12 fanart of people? that's something new. It's nice, just i agree with hawk, the shading can be bolder
Def Character 2006-05-15 21:31:37 Maybe it is a perspective pic ^^ but even then proportions, proportions...
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Random art
just an eye i drew in my spare time
SpongBob xD
Tetsu Character Sheet
My best lineart by far and probably my best manga in general. I got the idea while listening to Nightwish. In one of their songs there is this line: Barely cold in her grave, barely warm in my bed. Setling for a draw tonight. Puppet girl your strings are mine. That totaly inspired me to make this. It's supposed to be a girls controlled by an evil wizard. The make up and the nails of the wizard are shamelesly stolen from Fushigi Yugi. (Any one recognizes Tomo?)I worked really hard on this one so please comment.
Old picture of Red XIII.
I got bored during art class (we had to draw a rock *sigh*) so , this is what came out , I had to draw something...^o^
Awright, finished this one^^
Another robo-desing. I liked this one too.
i colored jun it took long but it was worth the time 
feels like i need a backround if you have any 
ideas comment
Pirate Captain Kawa. Designed by Ben Krefta from Organic Metal
Kenji and Ayame from my series "Kaze."
big spoiler to my fanfic, but it's just sutch a cute drawing ^^ I do think that D-Jinn turned out a bit to young. Jad and D-Jinn are both highly respected (and wanted) chars of LINK ©!^^
:D a random drawing I made... a rough concept for a character I guess...
and i do NOT like that staff one bit ;P
So, in my large amount of boredom this winter break, I started reading up on Tarot cards and stuff, and decided to start designing my own. It's actually a bit of a dual project - I paired role-playing characters with various tarot cards, so hopefully some characters will finally get portraits that haven't yet.

Anyway, this character is Sonya, and I tagged her as The Fool. I could go into a fairly long explanation of the character and why I chose this particular card for her, but it's late, and I think I'll spare you guys the gory details : )

I will, however, go ahead and comment that I'm not sure if this picture is what I'd call "finished" or not. Might try adding details to the background and all at some point, but for now I was starting toget antsy to work on other cards. Next up - Bailey: The Magician.
fanart of John Bender and Allison from The Breakfast Club...enjoy..