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The complete colour version of the sketch to colour piccie ^_^
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Mactire The complete colour version of the sketch to colour piccie ^_^
Zeph 2006-05-14 18:54:01 the colors are nice. but her nose is alittle wierd...
NikA 2006-05-15 07:12:46 i like the fact that her hip bones and ribs gives a volumen feeling to the picture ^_^. Btw, i saw your the sketch you posted, its great and i dont see why you didnt went on with those shadows. Right now they are too small (? ... wish i knew how to explain this). Her nose looks way too down, try to make the tip matching and horizontal line of the lower part of the eyes (or a bit lower). Great skin color and neat outline =3
Mactire 2006-05-15 15:50:09 Yeah, the face looks awfull I know. It was a bit of a rush job. But I'm going to give it another go. I'll post it later this week after my exams. ^_^
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Random art
My first picture colored i manga studio. Hope you like it and any criticism is greatly appreciated.^.^
Inuyasha and Kagome and the Shikon Jewel
This was a gift for a friend of mine of his original character. I was also trying out some new pencils I got at the time.
I made this in a Simposium from my school. I did this ona break defore the conference. I just added the shirt graphic and the tatoo with the pc
It's me ... drawn in ms paint, try not to be too scared ... DX,
Hi there I thought that it was time to upload something again so here it is. I hope you`ll enjoy it and there more to come soon.
pencil no jutsu
I think ninja sums her up. I used a tutorial book (as i do with all my work at the moment) to do this one and i coloured it in Adobe Photoshop CS3
this is my last work
comment in forum pls
Saw a thread on the forums for oekaki chat boards, so I decided to check them out. Some guys were drawing the dude in the picture, but didn't get very far when I added in the characters at the bottom right corner. 

If you're wondering why my contribution to the picture is kinda crappy, it's because I was drawing it with a crappy mouse.   :P
hey look shes dying
The Host Club raising money for Children in need, Hikaru and Kaoru are giving free make overs for girls in foster homes.
Sketch-Line art: Manga Studio EX
Color: Adobe Photoshop
Tools: Wacom Graphirre 4
Estimate Time: +- 5 Hours
SDL Duel between me and tywenart.
zayeath coloured. zayeath is my original character. bg ripped from colouring this took 8++ hours. unsatisfactory result though.