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I hope this to be better :3 please C&C
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Killer-Kun I hope this to be better :3 please C&C
Killer-Kun 2006-05-13 23:27:19 Sylvie... yeah!
Merink 2006-05-14 07:01:17 it looks real cool, Sylvie suits her ^_^
Mactire 2006-05-14 08:41:21 ^_^ That's right!
Zeph 2006-05-14 18:54:17 i like it
CericCalas 2006-05-14 19:20:07 OH MY DANG!!!! That is sexy, good job. i like this version alot.
Def Character 2006-05-15 21:38:51 great posing and figure colours ^^
TheDarkHell 2006-05-23 00:47:48 the upper arm is to long ... but other than that great job man :D
count_andy 2006-05-24 04:41:27 v nice man, watch the arm length on her left and elbow placement, but aside from that this is awesome! Feathers look gorgeous!
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heres the how i created my latest art ^-^ its my gothic maid in a more cheerful mood
her thight are just ... WRONG.... but i love her tummy and her wings. look at does tummy shadows!!!! im proud of them ... <3 but the rest (the hair, the face, arms, background, etc) sucks. I kind of like those bandages though. sweet dreams everyone ^^
I don't have a name for this character yet but i'll just call her fighter girl 4 now
just a quck doodle on ms paint im not happy with it though :s
Well... trying to get the hang of textbubbles....
They're a bunch of Assassins who want to kill all Kazahana family members.
My character star... with some random guy, lol

btw, is it just me or does my eye mouthie icon thingie look rather bored?
woooh, merry Chrismas to you all!!

this my first on this site. havent drawn in like a comments would help
in captivity
this is my demon princess profile. i just love to draw hair and lines. i really screwed up on this one. can you guys tell? i dont like it.
konnichiwa minnasan, hisashiburi da ne ^^" ( for the ones who don't understand: hey guys, it's been a while huh) anyways, I was trying something new ( at least that's what I thought :3 it's a picture of a girl, kind of ecchie. I hope it looks good, cause I haven't done anything on the computer for a long time, so *hehe* crits and comments is always welcome
You know i hate bg's...