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I don't know why, but i've drawn two consecutive BG's, the world is coming to it's end!
anyway, throw a comment please :3
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Killer-Kun I don't know why, but i've drawn two consecutive BG's, the world is coming to it's end! anyway, throw a comment please :3
Killer-Kun 2006-05-13 17:16:59 and a lot of smoke too :P
Mactire 2006-05-13 18:13:09 And it's nice too. BG is wonderful altough the smoke on the foreground could have been a bit more dense. But apart from that, it's good. I like the colouring.
lotsofblood 2006-05-13 20:03:51 nice! somehow it makes me think of resident evil
Killer-Kun 2006-05-13 20:36:17 thanks for the comments :3 I also forgot :P does anyone have a suggestion for her name? i'd like something french-ish maybe?
CericCalas 2006-05-13 22:28:30 I like the background and foregroun alot, especially the feathers, very well developed clouds of dust, but the contrast in layers of shade on the girl and the fore/background is distracting. the legs should be more covered by the cloud of dust, very good though, i like it
Merink 2006-05-13 22:45:58 Amélie, Bernadette, Cécile, Geneviève, Odette, Pénélope or Sylvie ^_^
NikA 2006-05-14 08:32:16 >_> for me she looks like sakura from naruto. in my opinion the foreground dust could use more definition. Killer kun, i know i always tell you this but please do a MUCH thinner outline ._. please, dont take this wrong ^^U ... in this picture you have this great idea for a background, by itself has a strong idea of movement, then you have the feathers and the front dust yet again more movement and she is in a intresting pose (like saying "dont mess with me" or "something is aprroching from the back") BUT the outline disconnectes her and makes her look heavier than things from all around D= . Look at the background it has no outline, look at the feathers has not outline, look at her .... has a thick outline ... o.0 0.o
Killer-Kun 2006-05-14 15:25:07 Thx for the advice NikA, i'm going to put it into work next time, i guess i use such a thick outline cause i mess up a lot. but i'm gonna try better :3
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Random art
got bored and made this
also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy
hi everyone, guess who is paying you a visit?. Well this is a rough sketch (very rough) but i like it ... i just dont know where to place his left arm o.< Generally speaking, i like it, but there is something missing. They have similar proportions but his visible arm still stands out  too much. She has nice curves, so, for me, that makes up for everything else wrong xD. Any ideas on what to improve are welcome <3 ..... *is still on a brake* >.< and i forgot to submit my coloring contest entry (... go me ¬¬" ...)
eahhheehahhhh lool
my other OC (original Characters)
yes . . . . its weezy
Just a warming up XD
form how to draw manga XD

hahaha just a little different
just a art that i made today....its the new romeo and juliet ^_^  hahah no just kidding....i am very proud of this one... but the colors are not so great as the real pic.
unfinished part 2
this is the farthest ive gotten on this
sigghh i will never finish this
sorry =/
after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
concept panel
^^ this one.. 
I hope you like it.
it doesn't matter if you don;t like it^^
hey guys,, long time no upload, my tablet is broken so i wil be uploading sketches only for a wile wel this a fellow I really worked on to let him look cool the arms are a bit crumpy but overall I like him
Markers on Acrylic paper, I like how the coloring came out, although there's a   lot of room for improvement... took just   about 5 hours to everything. 

This is a updated version of my wolf girl character