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I don't know why, but i've drawn two consecutive BG's, the world is coming to it's end!
anyway, throw a comment please :3
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Killer-Kun I don't know why, but i've drawn two consecutive BG's, the world is coming to it's end! anyway, throw a comment please :3
Killer-Kun 2006-05-13 17:16:59 and a lot of smoke too :P
Mactire 2006-05-13 18:13:09 And it's nice too. BG is wonderful altough the smoke on the foreground could have been a bit more dense. But apart from that, it's good. I like the colouring.
lotsofblood 2006-05-13 20:03:51 nice! somehow it makes me think of resident evil
Killer-Kun 2006-05-13 20:36:17 thanks for the comments :3 I also forgot :P does anyone have a suggestion for her name? i'd like something french-ish maybe?
CericCalas 2006-05-13 22:28:30 I like the background and foregroun alot, especially the feathers, very well developed clouds of dust, but the contrast in layers of shade on the girl and the fore/background is distracting. the legs should be more covered by the cloud of dust, very good though, i like it
Merink 2006-05-13 22:45:58 Amélie, Bernadette, Cécile, Geneviève, Odette, Pénélope or Sylvie ^_^
NikA 2006-05-14 08:32:16 >_> for me she looks like sakura from naruto. in my opinion the foreground dust could use more definition. Killer kun, i know i always tell you this but please do a MUCH thinner outline ._. please, dont take this wrong ^^U ... in this picture you have this great idea for a background, by itself has a strong idea of movement, then you have the feathers and the front dust yet again more movement and she is in a intresting pose (like saying "dont mess with me" or "something is aprroching from the back") BUT the outline disconnectes her and makes her look heavier than things from all around D= . Look at the background it has no outline, look at the feathers has not outline, look at her .... has a thick outline ... o.0 0.o
Killer-Kun 2006-05-14 15:25:07 Thx for the advice NikA, i'm going to put it into work next time, i guess i use such a thick outline cause i mess up a lot. but i'm gonna try better :3
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