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This is my finished version of Yuffie Kisaragi known from the Final Fantasy game
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Beyonder This is my finished version of Yuffie Kisaragi known from the Final Fantasy game "Dirge of Cerberus". I know her facial expression is a little strange, but i'm to lazy to change it. Now at least. Hope you like it.
Def Character 2006-05-09 14:35:47 Better Then I could ever do 3D...^^
Zeph 2006-05-09 19:18:05 awesome
NikA 2006-05-09 20:04:41 nika must learn 3D ... i have a personal problem for character that show their teeth, for me they steal all theattention to the rest 0.0;;;. Still very awesome
lotsofblood 2006-05-09 21:00:27 whoa just like the real thing
Kheine 2006-05-09 23:31:31 this is awesome...
AIKUZA 2006-05-10 11:02:49 chinmazing beyond, and that's ittehhh. it all looks good, you should seek for a ultimate render. And BG.
AIKUZA 2006-05-10 11:03:34 AN ultimate render ja
Beyonder 2006-05-10 11:07:54 JA ik zie het heus wel hoor, + yeah i know, mr chino. it's exactly what i wrote on my chin today, but as(s) you know i'm to lazy. Didi's fault huh.
edragon 2006-05-10 14:01:05 saweet!
Beyonder 2006-05-12 00:40:40 I have never did any research on those renders. I don't even own them. I know i should but i am more focussing on modelling now. And i chose the bg without thinking about it. I don't care about the background until i make one specially for her. (The bg is very old) At least it's better then a white bg. Where are your utra cool designs then, if you know it so well :p By the way i used mental ray. And what do you mean by Post Processing?
Beyonder 2006-05-12 08:41:16 yeah,..what are you talking about now? Feeling attacked or something? I was just saying that i've never tried to learn those other renders. And that sentence ("Where are your utra cool designs then, if you know it so well :p") was just a joke, that's why it has a smiley :P Temper temper, don't go crazy now here.
Beyonder 2006-05-12 12:23:57 I never said anything about design. Reading and understanding is hard huh. Why should i apologize? for you missunderstanding me? That's your owm problem so grow up and quit wining.
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