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yey a Edward Elric sketch from FMA
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Ayumi yey a Edward Elric sketch from FMA
Zeph 2006-05-08 19:17:59 i like it. i dont know why. but i like it alot
Merink 2006-05-09 12:55:21 i love the angle of his foot
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underneath the orange grove

the oranges become many distant suns

to the doll houses and dolls that litter the ground

and the girl who they belong to becomes the mediator of the heavens and the earth.
Hades is the god of the underworld; brother of Zeus & husband of Persephone. He is considering Demeter's bargain/proposal on Persephone's time above & below earth.
My Super hero!!Its Isamu from my far from finishd comic:)
Jack Skellington / Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Medium: acrylic /// 
Paper type: gray carton /// 
Size: DIN A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) /// 
Time: 13h 
yes i know, more kirin armor.... but i love kirin armor :(
It was a work for a client.
Rael Mochizuki

hamid ghalijari
i personally think this sketch came out better.
Jounouchi (YGO) prtrait thing. Used his hairstyle from the first series manga, because he was 1000x cooler back then. D:
unfinished, but I am still working on it ;).
I know it's ugly , but Dustin C. asked us to put our very first oekaki on the site...^^
these mechas are my own design. if i did a series they would be in it.
This was just supposed to a sketch of Ellie then I decide,Ah, why not I'll color her! I just hate it when I draw an outfit and afterwards all I can think of is "Dang it! I want that outfit!">.<!
another demon type character.  This time more olden age sword and sorcery type stuff.  Kinda like Lord of the Rings.