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Practicing on making a comic page... or something
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Merink Practicing on making a comic page... or something
Def Character 2006-05-06 15:39:23 Very good so far ^_^. You can widen the first frame bij making the girl in the secondframe as a clos-up looking at us withe the speech balloon above her head. In the third frame you could place the girl from the mean remark in the lower left corner so she is looking up towards the dark girl and she looks back. the face of the third girl in the third frame is such extreme close up that she draws away the attention from the main character ^^
Merink 2006-05-06 17:40:00 @.@ wow i never thought of that, thanx
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Random art
Here is the second version.. hope u ppl like it better than the last 1. Although there are not many adjustments..
Hello everyone i am new and i finished manga now, please take care about my manga is not very good Make comment please and help. make love not war peace
This is my sailor mars also for my cousin Kulia. This is her favorite scout. I had a hard time with the face and I think the body is funny. I cant put my finger on it thought.
Yuuki fanart from J-rock band, Antique Cafe
I nearly gave up on this pic, but then I just decided to sketch the rest in pen real quick, then scan it in and see what i could do with it in photoshop.  Suprizingly it turned out somewhat decent.  It's just a sketchy kinda style is all.
A Picture of my character eclypse looking at her younger self.
i fucked up his thumb while lining it :'((
but besides that i still like it xD

plzzzz comment!!! :D
Here's page 2 of my mini kakashi - iruka comic ^_^ just the tiniest bit of shonen-ai...really tiny though ^__~ Please comment
well this is my submission for the EnterVOID battle i was doin a while ago. a shame that it never saw the light of the internets.
page 3
Dustin C.
This is ©Malicous Ruby.
A girlfriend of me.
my alter ego"redninja" against my friend's alter ego"blackninja"

pen, pencil crayon

soo.. neither of us can win the fight against eachother.... EVER!
3rd of a set of christmas cards =]
Finally finished. And it actually has a background