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Practicing on making a comic page... or something
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Merink Practicing on making a comic page... or something
Def Character 2006-05-06 15:39:23 Very good so far ^_^. You can widen the first frame bij making the girl in the secondframe as a clos-up looking at us withe the speech balloon above her head. In the third frame you could place the girl from the mean remark in the lower left corner so she is looking up towards the dark girl and she looks back. the face of the third girl in the third frame is such extreme close up that she draws away the attention from the main character ^^
Merink 2006-05-06 17:40:00 @.@ wow i never thought of that, thanx
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!!<< doodle time >>!! I was practicing the female anatomy ^_^ I guess it's obvious
<a href=>mp3 juice</a>
there are 3 now .........................................
well,you know ho this y draw this one because i know they are a lot of fan of him...hehehethis one was the game and the i saw it in the gide and there was from were it started....and i make him more biger and tried to make it just like it was and kept it original....hehe...and yes it has no face i whanted you to think what he is feling... well what do you think??? o and thanks nilichan..
Just colored a friends messy line art... at 04:00 at night...I was half asleep while doing this, so it sucks...but meh, hope you like it.
The one on the left is finnished and the 2 on the right are still sketches (^_^)
Muru Kitty
So I decided I should try to finish this. It was a fan art from Sailor Moon(whichever series) and a birthday gift for my friend a long time ago, but I did a very poor job, so I decided to redo the entire thing. I drew the original line art by hand and did the coloring and other stuff in one program or another. !!c&c please!! *updated*
Its my friend Naruto OC Itayashi
Hi me again, this is my latest drawing. ^-^ Please enjoy!!! ^0^
Shiroi, faceshot, he sort of reminds me to krad from DN Angel © ¬¬' from mamoru tenshi ©
Made it for my websitres layout =)
LM MENTS page 12
I'm just putting it here for fun :)
Just a warming up XD
form how to draw manga XD

hahaha just a little different