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Reanni_Tamairi "Shin" from Spotlight, the same as before. This is the main character. Ironically, he was designed orginally as a 'bad boy' type... Oh, and "Shin" is not his real name.
Def Character 2006-05-06 15:43:07 Aw...
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>>RYU vs KEN<<
Finaly something nice!
The thumb has nothing to do with the pic ofcourse..
I already seen some defaults in this work,but i guess its oke enough to post!
A new Yakuza girl!:)
This was a Meme on DA that I took part in.
I believe the rules were to draw a lil something to represent you while filling up the background with shouts and blurbs about you; the good, the bad, the ugly, the secret, etc.
Gah! I rushed this drawing... I feel bad... *cries* I'm planning to fix it though and make it better. (Yeah! ^^)
This is my friend's made up character named Ryu. We didn't have a visual of him, so I made a drawing of him with her permission. Yeah... I need to redraw it... :( The hair kind of reminds me of Daiskue's hair off of DN Angel.
This is a picture of my sister Rose E. Hand, I miss her allot since she went back to Sierra Nevada.*SNIFF* Annnnnyy way this is a personal best i think. The background came out maginificent!
This is from almost a year ago. I made this character for a friend’s story.  Now I’m busy in some proyects related with my works (and it seems it goes serious) I’m glad for it.
O-|-<  (stick man)
A 2nd year high school who is the captain of the track and field team.
... ...
no. V 
And the second one (of the follow up).

relaxing is the title.

I like this drawing the most. =3
This is another version of Delphia from my fri's story xD
lasT YeaR aRTworK...(^3^)