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Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 7 Legends
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Kheine Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 7 Legends
Def Character 2006-05-01 14:17:26 Arrr cloudster on the move.... awsome
edragon 2006-05-01 14:50:47 bad ass! holy crap, love the whole pic man!
Zeph 2006-05-01 18:50:00 hot
lotsofblood 2006-05-01 21:27:49 very cool, but the guns looks like theyre made of marshmalow if u know what i mean ;)
Yao 2006-05-01 22:22:04 lara looks great - the water not so great :F
Kheine 2006-05-02 01:21:07 First time i actually tried to draw water >.>
Nagashiwa 2006-05-02 02:15:07 I like it Dude
Kimiko 2006-05-02 04:32:01 Wow, if Angelina Jolie would see that, she would be jealous! ^_^
ys_skater 2006-05-03 03:22:48 whoa! i really like it
AIKUZA 2006-05-06 12:45:56 shittttt.... fucking cool dude
TheDarkHell 2006-05-08 23:01:37 nice shizzle man
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monster hunter came out on psp, and im playing it all over again (it feels easyer then the ps2 version)...drew this for my fellow nyclan members monster hunter art contest...full khezu armored gunner, cant wait till i get full lao and fatalis...would be at g missions by now but damn egg missions kill my urge to play
This is East from The Lost Time, my own self made series. This is supposingly a giftart but I am not sure if this is good enough. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech, color by Photoshop 7.
It started pretty cool looking, until I accidentally destroyed it during inking >_<; So sad T__T Tried to save it with Photoshop, but hmmm, I treasure Original pic much more. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech
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I drew my own(DBZ)character in it her name is Yumaii
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btw they´re flying xD
My high school's selling green bracelet that says "Together as One" for a buck each, and everyone's buying it.

This quick cartoon is for its newspaper :D
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wow boring day today for me 
it sucks that i missed eureka 7 saturday ahhhhhh!
 drop a comment if u can 
 its nice to be back lol
unfinished demon pic.  I don't really like how the skulls came out on the shoulder, but I could still change em.
okay people this is my last for now^^

Have a nice vacation!!
i colored my chocobo knight pic :)
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