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[This is the uncoloured version] Page 3 of 'Wildflowers'...
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Chloe_and_Miyako [This is the uncoloured version] Page 3 of 'Wildflowers'...
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Random art
This took me several months...i had help from my's naruto,from the anime..
More practice on folds. Woo this is getting fun ^^
made a year ago I think.
I colored it but warning.... the quality = sucks
Quick colour doodle in painter ^w^
this is my soulreaper
pencil no jutsu
I'm kinda proud of this sketch. I cleaned it more than usually and I like the concept. The most difficult parts where the hand and the umbrella strangely enough. I will colour this one in the future ^^. I used reference for some parts ><

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This is my pet Vampire, Zepei. He's my vampire/imaginary boyfriend thingy. xDD I am so pathetic. Anyhows. I love him. 

Zepei is copyright ME. ALL MINE. Steal his concept/ drawingness and I will stab you. NOT KIDDING.

Srsly. :S
Lozz-art outline by Def C ^^
Def Character
i created this while listening blues
and don't mind the hands cause i'm not good at that, so i was done early as you see ^^
A friend of mine asked me if I could line and colour her picture, I thought it was good practice so I did :/ hope it looks ok ^^'
Yep... It is a merry xmaz to my MWS peeps. Hmmm... This art sucks. Well, didnt had time to make a better one. And im lazy to explain whats going on in this pic XD. Done with Tablet in PhotoShop CS. Time: 1 Hour. Hmmm fast and cheap . :D:D:D:D crap
well I doodled this one during dinner give me some hints please I know the hands suck
...i dunno if this counts for the nudity? but you can't see anything...