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Final design of my Yuri T shirt
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edragon Final design of my Yuri T shirt
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-04-25 11:43:44 Cool! But what's 18+ about this one? ;)
Def Character 2006-04-25 13:15:41 Yo Edragon show us a pic with the result on a shirt kay... Just wondering how it comes out ^^
edragon 2006-04-25 18:05:10 Aight Def C, I'll try to get a pic of the shirt when it's done. ha ha. This is my first opportunity to do a T design so I hope it turns out well.
edragon 2006-04-25 18:06:16 Oh yeah, and if you want to check out any of my pics larger and more detailed, look for edragon on . . ha ha.
Zeph 2006-04-25 19:01:51 awesome coloring, as always
TheDarkHell 2006-04-27 02:35:47 me like :3
Wicked_Lady 2006-04-28 09:21:53 Wow... *stunned* Me <3 it!
Becky 2006-04-30 07:52:01 its gr8!
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hellooooooooooow.. hey everybudy look whit your eyes too the eyes. haha mzzl...    zigit.^_^
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Erm...i kinda mixed up all the layers and blending and stuff and it didn't turn out very clean >_> forgive the mistakes...i have yet to completely figure out the blending
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You may reconize this picture if you watched the chobits anime. This was the outfit that chi wore on the cover of vol 1. of the chobits series. I did my own version after watching it. This was back when I was having a whole lot of problems with hands,feet, and backgrounds. I'am still bad at those things but anyway~^_^!
Dear Mangaworkshopfriends, It has been quite somewhile and nowadays I have little time left to draw anything.

So I hope you enjoy this piece :D
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