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Final design of my Yuri T shirt
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edragon Final design of my Yuri T shirt
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-04-25 11:43:44 Cool! But what's 18+ about this one? ;)
Def Character 2006-04-25 13:15:41 Yo Edragon show us a pic with the result on a shirt kay... Just wondering how it comes out ^^
edragon 2006-04-25 18:05:10 Aight Def C, I'll try to get a pic of the shirt when it's done. ha ha. This is my first opportunity to do a T design so I hope it turns out well.
edragon 2006-04-25 18:06:16 Oh yeah, and if you want to check out any of my pics larger and more detailed, look for edragon on . . ha ha.
Zeph 2006-04-25 19:01:51 awesome coloring, as always
TheDarkHell 2006-04-27 02:35:47 me like :3
Wicked_Lady 2006-04-28 09:21:53 Wow... *stunned* Me <3 it!
Becky 2006-04-30 07:52:01 its gr8!
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Random art

soo.. a friend ask me to collor one of her drawings.
^^ soo.. I collerd this one too^^

Just look at her profil at :
This is Cream the Rabbit of of sonic advance 2 and Sonic Hero's
This is my first picture done with markers, i need pratice but im pleased with it for my first attempt. A BIG thanks goes to MatthewMolko for lending me his markers and teaching me how to use them. The scan isn't very good but this is the best i can get it in photoshop.
Hey \(^-^)/ how have you guys been?? this is an elfprincess I drew it during homework (somehow she reminds me of a cat) and she got caught by her evil sister when she tried to run away, *.* oh no!! who has the courage to save her and defeat the evil sister?? \(@.@)/ sorry I really need more sleep XD oh yeah please don't mind the little piggy, I was VERY bored XD
I drew this over the weekend for my friend's birthday. Inked with sakura pigma micron and colored with prismacolor markers. (Koala's have rediculous paws)
First time with Photoshop. This was done like i dunno how long ago.

Time: 5 hours
Just a random sketch i made :P
made it some time ago
this is another drawing of me. Hope you like it.
Sample Page from FirePath =D
it's been a while since i've said hello** i hope the new year finds you well^^
I've been extremely ashamed of the work i've been doing, but i want to contribute something, so this is just a collection of character studies i was doing for a failed manga project... this is my send-off to him... i have some motion studies that i will upload soon too^^
hope you like these~
Some sketch I did in traditional inking. I love the differend thickness of lines in this tchnique. :3
i wanted to draw a 10 yr old. didnt come out nice.