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Part of a painting i have to do for my class. Quick sketch of what it should look like.
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Zeph Part of a painting i have to do for my class. Quick sketch of what it should look like.
lotsofblood 2006-04-25 20:13:24 nice uh i hate wearing shoes without any socks though
? 2006-04-26 19:57:44 sweet!! the shoulder are broad but some ppl have broad shoulders so w/e the shading adn details r awsome, other htan the broadness of ppl u ROCK
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Random art
Another character for Attune. A teammate of the main character Aries, Apollo.
Hahaha it's just a shitpic i made with the mouse when i was bored...i also experimented in photoshop in this pic so its a damn mess ^^  He's sunburned too :P
Self portrait slightly manga style, this is for my ID on my dA page
This is my first upload!
Hope I will get along with everyone! :D
Page one of my old first chapter for my manga story. I am looking for an artist, too...
allright....he's a little bit ****** up(I needed to make the drawing smaller or else he would be to big that it wouldn't fit to the 300 kb), but I think the drawing is pretty myself
this one has the same problem as the 1st... but he looks good to myself
finished coloring it wit advice
Atemis Lunar, now in color! :D<br>
The silver/gray moon on his forehead turns red-orange when both boons are in alignment. (his planet has two moons, a small blue and a large red-orange) Also, as part of his religion, he moon dances whenever either is full . . . naked. ^_~ (I'm still working on a pic of that)<br>
You can find a wallpaper version on this pic, with more info about Artemis, at <a href="">my  Deviant Art page</a>.
The colored version of Trunks! This is the first time I seriously used photoshop for a drawning and its quite fun :D I just added some shaders and more shadows. Lucky enough I almost did all of the shadows already :)Hope u like it and some comments plz :)
PS. The hair fits the color of MWS ;)


This is the singer of a rock band. I'm gonna color... 
what do you people think?
good? sucks? needs work? couldn't be any better? : D