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Japanese schoolgirl .. . . . um. . . yeah that's it ha ha.
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edragon Japanese schoolgirl .. . . . um. . . yeah that's it ha ha.
Zeph 2006-04-19 19:39:40 awesome coloring edragon. the proportions seem a bit off though, like the legs seem too wide for her small waist. but coloring? wow
edragon 2006-04-19 20:49:03 yeah it does look like her thighs are a bit too big. hmmm it looked fine to me until I added the skirt, maybe I'll have to keep all my anime girls in just panties. . LOL. actually I was thinking of fixing that and the angle that she's leaning. I tilted the pic and then didn't tilt it back before saving the jpg file.
yurusanzo 2006-04-19 22:33:47 hmm... i have no prob with the waist... it seems to flow with the pic. and as usual edragon does a pro job in the coloring department. the only prob i see is her dome, her hair seems suspended above her head
edragon 2006-04-20 10:10:28 yeah, I'm trying to get the hair part right, it seems like it's hit or miss. It seems like with anime the hair is a bit different to me so I'm trying to get a feel for it. Preciate all the comments once again!
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Hina. That one girl character I never draw, hahaha. D: It's a pity, because she's really quite fun to doodle.

I need to draw my female characters more often.
The Host Club raising money for Children in need, Hikaru and Kaoru are giving free make overs for girls in foster homes.
Messy, over done doodle (=3=)''
anime girl
Seiten Taisei
from Saiyuki

This was a fan art the I did for a contest.(mail order ninja)  I have a long rant an rave on the tokyopop site about this because this contest has gone nowhere.  I just wanted to win a Wii.
it took me hours to get it under 150 mb.
hikari satoshi and maron from my fanfic 'DN Angel²: dreams of destruction ©'. maron is originaly by Emiko Uebayashi who had won the ‘wizs girlfriend contest’ in volume 4 of DN Angel © and satoshi is from the real DN Angel ©
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p>So um... yes. I hope you guys like it. D: I personally don't know what to think of it. I like how Tactic's not bound to a panel. That's kinda neat. >> And I got lazy with the background! Sorry about that. @-@ Yes. =3 Critiques and comments welcome, as always. <p><p>Page EIGHTEEN of the story.
This is Sean DeGenesis, a.k.a. Genesis. This is the final...version, if you will, of him. He is pictured here in his normal appearance along with his "lotus suit" on the right. Comments and crits please. ^^

this one here... i've been working on these past two months i think... i started to work on it firstly just after i saw the movie. I was so inpspiring, and i loved her suit!!! So Coooooooool! And so i sketched the char. Then after i almost finished the whole char, SCHOOL interupted :( So it was like dead im at least 1 month... and now today when its VACAtiON i started to work on it again :D Lots of changes. It was supposed to be a wiiiide picture like my " Away from home " ... And she was supposed to shoot a zombie behind her, but it didnt look good at all so i screwed that and just concentrated on a hot babe with GUNS :D the arms is soooo messed but i will leave it as it is for now.

Please tell me what think! I've been working like freaking hell to finish this!!! Now im hungry! byeeeee

believe it or not! DC IS BACK THERE!zomfg o_O
She is a water elemental - her powers multiply by a 100 underwater. She can take the form of water but only for a limited time. She has telekinesis which is why she can communicate w/ creatures of the deep.
Old commission, traditionally inked and then coloured with Photoshop. It was just supposed to be the Seraphim but at the end I was asked to do a background and so I threw together the 2nd version. I love the clouds.
Also an old image, this is a cover I did a good couple of years ago of my original comic project Fragile. Here is the main character the 12 yr old boy Lake, his winged friend August and Lake's pets Chupon and Twirl. This is one of the last things I did before I turned to digital inking.