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more practice, crits are welcome...
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yurusanzo more practice, crits are welcome...
yurusanzo 2006-04-19 10:31:15 <.< ok... will do
Dustin C. 2006-04-19 14:00:17 hey really good buddy, great anatomy and angle. ^_^ keep it up!
Mactire 2006-04-19 15:25:53 XD~ Fanservice, nice ^_^ It's very good. Although it took me a while to figure out she was wearing a suit *_* I have only one remark. I seems to me that her shoulders are pulled backwards. If so, her boobies should be further apart. That is, if she isn't wearing a bra of course.
Zeph 2006-04-19 19:42:01 awesome angle
edragon 2006-04-25 18:08:51 sweet pic and the perspective is awesome. I try to add more perspective to my drawings but they always seem to end up more flat looking ha ha. Nothing bad to say about this one.
1-MM-1 2006-09-22 17:25:04 this is my favorite pic now
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Random art
I made this mini-comic for my (ex)boyfriend, we broke up 2 weeks ago though. I decided to upload this one anyway, because I think it's a pretty funny little comic (though the quality is low since I had to resize it XD)^_^
Manga Art
This is an old pen drawing of Aya from Parasite Eve i drew a few years back.  I decided to scan it in and color it.
hey, this is a kenpachi sketch.
Pencils Of Darkness
It is my first picture in these style)
Hi people! I'm new, so i'll start off with something i created very recently. I hope this art is pleasing to the eye, critics and stuff are greatly appreciated ^.^
Something I started to draw early this morning (around 2:00am) but I gave up and fell asleep before I could finish it *sigh* might go back and work on it somemore later on :D
a fast sketched out pose. not too happy with the hand ion the back. but yeah...practice! will be fixed soon
New to MW and happy to finally join. Did this a little while ago. Practicing my perspective and musculature. Hope You guys like it! This is the begining of SO MUCH more...
A quick MSN doodle...
Well, Zelah, my little merman in the middle of the change between a merfolk and you can see his lower part transforming into a pair of legs. (Didn't put mature labbel 'cause I think is not ;D )

For better quality and bigger size, visit my DA page n_n
looks better in full screen!.