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drawn in paint
colored in adobe photoshop
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roxysurfjam drawn in paint colored in adobe photoshop
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Random art
Well I have been gone for quite a while but I will be uploading more frequently now
Gaia avatar comission I'm working on. Having problems with legs, as usually. Otherwise happy with it.
Nina Fine......"ALTER SUMMONER"
Page two of the old first chapter of my manga story...looking for artist still...
Artwork of my Character that I made, Kirie Kasumi. 
6 hours workload
So here I am... uploading some REALLY old shit *giggle* ^^
A picture of sanji I drew from one piece. I had a little trouble drawing the smoke but other than that I think it came out pretty good, but if there are any other suggestions on what I should do to improve this please tell me.
I did this as a concept drawing of the idea for the main character in the 4th MWS collab deal. Soo enjoy xD
porttrait sketch of fellow moderator def-c!
Dustin C.
Inked the wallpaper
Analin no Denkou - First and last sketch next to eachother for comparison, ready to be lined, final version is in Colored Art - dec 2001
Heh, more old work. Done while on my trip to Germany this past summer. I was super STOKED to find a white gel-pen xD
merry xmas  evry 1 i aint posted in a while ^^; anyhow
tis LINK frm zelda woo cute little link elf boy yes wel ah-hem  ts as origonalya water color that being the lazy bum i am couldet b arsed finishin then xmas came i now have a scanner so i scaned it and finnished it on photoshop  ^_^ hope yall like