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The kiss of death in color

C & C pleAse
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Merink The kiss of death in color C & C pleAse
Def Character 2006-04-17 15:02:15 The eyes of the guy are a bit high placed...^^
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Random art
a character i was designing
Damn, once you get hooked to oekaki there's no stopping^_^
It's a woman with a suntan walking the beach.
Yay, my very first picture!
Just a simple pic I did a little while ago that brings happy peaceful feelings to me :)
somehow i like girls with swords...BIG swords!
I left my pencil alone for 5 minutes.. and this came out :P
I wanted to share the latest piece of my comic... it's not manga and it has absolutely no quality at all but i hope it's at least funny :P
Chobits copyright CLAMP

Dita and Zima; this was a commission.
this image create on zbrush2
hamid ghalijari
And its finished!<br>

Commision for <a href="">Tarnished Halo</a>, of her and her friend, Wren, characters, Sigurd *green hair*, and Llyr *silver hair.. flailing about, panicking XD*.<br>

Started as a rough sketch in sketchbook, lightboxed onto cardstock, tightened pencils and Speedball super black india inks. Scanned into Adobe Photoshop 6 and 'painted'. And yep, referenced the heck out of many many many sunsets.<br>

Halo and Wren both have the full 300 dpi size print version, this is just the browser friendly version.<br><i>

~~Bee 5/2005</i>
One more time i come with my lack of comical abilities... hope you like this one :3
this is one of my favourite sketches so far. what do you guys think?
character design this guy likes to burn things with green fire yay
This is a pen sketch that I colored with photoshop using my trusty Wacom tablet.  It's kind of a conseptual type style I supose.
Hey guys, how's it going? As always I've been slacking off a lot u__u ......
I hope to upload more artwork and to be more active in the forum soon