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ehhhhhh........ I was bored
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Merink ehhhhhh........ I was bored
edragon 2006-04-13 15:33:30 LOL, cool pic, I like it. Specially the dude with the hammer!
Merink 2006-04-13 16:48:04 thanx
ninnyo 2006-10-10 10:41:47 great poses+expressions! you inspire me ^^
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More Pchat stuff. Have fun !
Just some random guy. I have no idea why I drew him.
This is only my second drawing so its a bit better but still needs work please leave tips on how i can improve thank you
Page from Adventures of Yaz. Go Check it out!
this is another drawing i used a tutorial then changed it and made my own character.
Hi all =3 long time not been here. I like the way the art is organised now Def!

anyway, I thought I'd upload something =) just a random scene.

read from right to left. hope you like it
This has absolutely nothing to do with manga...but I'm uploading it anyway ;-) My sister started this whole thing of drawing other people in a catsuit, so I made this one of somebody...I wonder if he'll recognise himself ^_____^ :-D(though he kinda looks like rock lee like this too XD )
This one i made for free for my friend ph47d3m0n, cause i litteraly forced him into giving his Xbox, heh.

It's the Chocobo Races from Final Fantasy 7! And comes in all Chocobo colours!

May i add that putting back together 1 Xbox controller is a pain in the ass, but putting back 2 of these miserable bastards is atrosious! The buttons keep falling out, i hate them! ^-^

Visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.

I accept PayPal.

Dressing the Dark Ace as Sydney Losstarot for a Halloween contest... there are days when i just love what i do.  O;;O

Quick 11 minutes sketch I made of my girl. Colored it within an hour. So fast work, that still looks kinds nice.
Need to upload more and more. waaaaaa :3
holy crap, I cannot get this picture out of my head! o.O  seriously, I've created something like it in four different pictures, and i remain dissatisfied with it every time >_>  ah well. My first attempt at acryllic painting.  I've got a long way to go, but ah well xD