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Hiyaaaaa!!!  alrighty added color and a cool flame kick to the sketch!  Whatcha think?
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edragon Hiyaaaaa!!! alrighty added color and a cool flame kick to the sketch! Whatcha think?
Merink 2006-04-13 15:27:57 I'm even more in love with it. Wow did you use Photoshop to color it?
edragon 2006-04-13 15:34:05 yep. . . did colorjob in photoshop. I've got a tablet tho so that helps.. . A LOT!
Dustin C. 2006-04-13 16:30:47 dude thats frickin hot!
Kheine 2006-04-14 06:39:20 Neatoh dude ^^
ys_skater 2006-04-14 06:47:50 whooo! good job
Zeph 2006-04-14 15:59:42 awesome
mama_logon 2006-04-15 21:54:30 indeed, its very well done
Wandering_Musician 2009-09-17 17:56:30 way too cool
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Random art
Hi you guys,, it has been a long time :D, due to school and laziness I haven't been drawing much for a long time at all (>__>)/ oh well here's my latest art: semi-realistic human thing ......... tadaa!
I like to think of myself as a dragon.
Zydrate Robber
very hard
These are two drawnings I'm working on atm. The right guy you all know and the left... let's just call that "Finally came with something of my own". Any tips/hints on the left girl? Yes.. I know it's hard to see, but it is a girl :P
i sketched this because i liked the story behind it (imagend myself) the boy is suppose to look like a warchild, thats wy i suited him a armycoat and gave him a bit whoolie hair. the background explains the rest
After the second reminder... I thought of taking part in the contest too... and this is my work for the VALENTINE CONTEST.
I'm not so into hearts and pinky artworks... so I decided for a red-golden scenary and a love scene of two rpg characters.

Hope you'll like it and a very lovely valentine 2009.
So, I decided the other version of this wasn't finished after all lol.  Been a while since I've revisited the smudging technique; I've missed it  : )
yay bit old Ral fan-art i found :D i ussually dont do fanart but i like this one ^^
comment! :)
neji commission from otakon 
wot do ya think
made this when i was young c&c are very welcome@!!!!!!11!!!!1
This... kind of explains all this drawings which I will post nex and 2 before named ~ I n the end of you sight~
Kaji - A character from my manga. This is also the first inking i ever did.. EVER!! (the head is a little big, i know...)
This is the logo that will be on 200+ t-shirts this summer. What do you think about it? C&C