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 Finally a finished colored piece from me. I am not too thrilled about the perspective but this is about the best I can do. :/
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Yao Finally a finished colored piece from me. I am not too thrilled about the perspective but this is about the best I can do. :/
Zeph 2006-04-08 19:31:14 i like it. seriously, well done
ys_skater 2006-04-08 23:28:05 good jog yao;)
Kheine 2006-04-09 04:30:06 CooL! Looks like chars from Hack.\ i think...
Def Character 2006-04-09 14:39:28 ^^
AIKUZA 2006-04-10 14:51:35 Always cool dynamic sketches :3, fine stuff it is
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-04-11 06:17:36 Great
paper-samurai 2006-04-12 14:05:24 I hate it when people are better then me...Almost lost my Grappling 1st place prize because I made a bet I could beat some guy...Beter not bet about my drawing skills in this case..!Looks great!
Kimiko 2006-04-13 07:22:14 WOW, how did you that? It's so GREAT!!!! ^_^
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-04-13 07:43:06 That's fuckin amazing dude! What did you use for colouring?
Avaeccus 2006-04-16 17:29:40 Your pictures are always great
lotsofblood 2006-05-28 23:15:57 your pictures are even better when you finish the coloring
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Hey, my first art that i'm uploading. please go easy on me. :P
One more time i come with my lack of comical abilities... hope you like this one :3
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This is a picture I did for a scholarship competition. It's called "A light to shine on dark times". Comments and crits please. ^^
I havent been at any mood at drawing becuz of my broken heart, dudes... but then yesterday i sat on my room and wanted to redraw this pic ----------> <------------------

So i did it thou the third guy didnt fit in and a lot of bg got outside too... maybe this time ill color it and shit...
there is a girl who's making a book, and she asked me to make the cover  ^_^
yay for role-playing characters! xD  blah.  Not much to say, really, except that the chick's position gave me a damn hard time.  I still don't think I got her proportions all right >_o ah well
more color practice. and first atempt at drawing a plushie. also tried something new with the line art. Hope it's oké. enjoy!
It's a picture of the Digi cafe Mew Mew's mascot, Yolei. I drew her in a charater exchange with blueyolei on Gaia. The speach bubbles are intented to say "Welcome to the Digi Cafe Mew mew!" and "What can I get you?" But my illustrating program is being rude. >=O
FrogSuits Fun! The common anime frogsuits. Been too busy to create something MWShoppish, but I got bored today. I just opened 3Dmax for a test, and all of a sudden, I made this dude. Took me 5 hours. Its not my best 3D, so dont get confused of how bad i am in 3Dmax :P, I just like the whole frogvibe. I'm not much of a 3Dguy, but sometimes I like to create my designs in 3D. The whole render was done in 3Dmax7 and the particle effects and text in PhotoShop CS. Yep, thats it. Hope you'll enjoy this happy pic ^^
I used to do this... that program is not really made for doing extended drawings ><
Wah.. our RPG-Group... I draw it last year for a birthday of Dejan, one of the players... well, its my first time, drawing such a big group, and I know, there are some mistakes... still, it came out well. And he also loves it ^__^
Hahahaha, this was a lot of fun to make. Post-Apocalyptic version of my friend Sam (sam is a very successfull with the ladies dude from New Zealand). I wonder how bad I could make him look while still making him scary as hell, and this came up. Extremely ahppy with it, but please critque the hell out of it anyways
The Raging Spaniard