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 Finally a finished colored piece from me. I am not too thrilled about the perspective but this is about the best I can do. :/
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Yao Finally a finished colored piece from me. I am not too thrilled about the perspective but this is about the best I can do. :/
Zeph 2006-04-08 19:31:14 i like it. seriously, well done
ys_skater 2006-04-08 23:28:05 good jog yao;)
Kheine 2006-04-09 04:30:06 CooL! Looks like chars from Hack.\ i think...
Def Character 2006-04-09 14:39:28 ^^
AIKUZA 2006-04-10 14:51:35 Always cool dynamic sketches :3, fine stuff it is
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-04-11 06:17:36 Great
paper-samurai 2006-04-12 14:05:24 I hate it when people are better then me...Almost lost my Grappling 1st place prize because I made a bet I could beat some guy...Beter not bet about my drawing skills in this case..!Looks great!
Kimiko 2006-04-13 07:22:14 WOW, how did you that? It's so GREAT!!!! ^_^
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-04-13 07:43:06 That's fuckin amazing dude! What did you use for colouring?
Avaeccus 2006-04-16 17:29:40 Your pictures are always great
lotsofblood 2006-05-28 23:15:57 your pictures are even better when you finish the coloring
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