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drew it during lunch break, i plan on making a wallpaper out of it
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yurusanzo drew it during lunch break, i plan on making a wallpaper out of it
Wicked_Lady 2006-04-06 01:47:54 Very cool. You gotta post that wallpaper too once you've finished it ^^
edragon 2006-04-07 14:22:13 nice pic, I like the pose and the style. I like that blocked out type of anime drawing.
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Random art
here I am with another line art ^^ I'm going to color her in the future
Started in pencil of course then did hard lines in pen and the large shading was with a sharpie
yey a Edward Elric sketch from FMA
Long time no see.... again... anyway!
Just started sketching a fail body and started to draw more stuff around the body, then I sketched the "details" in and I got this. Thought it kinda looked like a front cover and I do like it a little, although it has a lot of mistakes =( Hopefully I can fix them all XD
/// Outlines: brown and pink crayon 
/// Medium: TRIA-Pantone Marker, pastel chalk 
/// Paper type: colorlaserprint (very smooth); 80g/m2 
/// Size: 19 x 19 cm 
/// Time: 6 h 
I made this during my homework, it's kinda messy, but I hope you like it ^-^

This is my cameleon, I made it just jet
Old commission, traditionally inked and then coloured with Photoshop. It was just supposed to be the Seraphim but at the end I was asked to do a background and so I threw together the 2nd version. I love the clouds.
The Wolfman is a werewolf or lycanthrope able to change appearance from human to wolf & back again. Wolves regard him as their king.
Dramacon copyright Svetlana Chmakova.

Chriss and Matt plushie ^^
let me know what you think
another drawing of me , added some extra dynamic speedlines as reguested
sword repairer