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They're a bunch of Assassins who want to kill all Kazahana family members.
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Stepz They're a bunch of Assassins who want to kill all Kazahana family members.
yurusanzo 2006-04-05 22:19:44 i don know why but i like the guy on the bottom that looks like he has a paper bag on his head. he kicks ass!
mama_logon 2006-04-15 22:08:00 god! whay always the pics looks better in the tumbnails?
mama_logon 2006-04-15 22:08:14 god! why always the pics looks better in the tumbnails?
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Random art
An old one that I kinda liked. Still in the process of cleaning...
This would be my friend Frankie...probably thinking about food. I used contrast, though I really simplified the facial features and shading. And I his left arms doesn't really make any sense....
I know one wing is longer than the ohter, but I like how they were positioned.. But which wing do you like better? (The one bit with feathers on it or without)?
Critism/Comments/Suggestions Welcomed!!! ^^
I had to reshade the pic, cause my scanner never picks up light pencil markings.
done in 2b pencil at first. coloured using adobe photoshop CS2
Teaser page for my manga.
Art (c) 2009 Sophie Mann, Squiditha Art Inc.
Sophie Mann
I saw this cool pic of a girl at,and made a yakuza girl drawing of it.
As we all know,porn makes the world go round^_^
By the way there is no real nudity in this pic.
no real work eather...:P
Somethings I drew in painter,far from fantasic but hey better luck next time XD
yea this is my first upload and im kinda new at this whole manga workshop thing.Well anywayz this is a picture I drew of a punk school girl and i kinda like the way it came out.
Topic: Angel? Topic: Devil? I'M SO CONFUSED. Anyway, this was a request by someone on FAC. I'm not too big on the whole angel/demon cross thing, nor do I like the whole "separate outfit/wings" idea, but that's what she requested. And I couldn't really say no (y helo thar, request offers). It fell victim to more coloring experiments. Haha.

i luv mai.... muah!!!
A guy shooting at SOMETHING...
But what is he shooting at????
This is what i look like most of the time^i'm a cybergothic too and i love art^^ hehehehe...if anyone here is narrowminded i sugest you all look away cause yeps i am a goth relevant and nope...i'm not gonna kill you((yet)) HOPE you like it :D!!!

XxX to the fans
yay, it's an albino! xD or at least she's supposed to be... i think i used too much colour? played with lighteffects a little... tell me what i did wrong and how to fix it please =3