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 Positioning the leg behind to make sense is giving me so much hell that I want to rip my hair out...>_<
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Yao Positioning the leg behind to make sense is giving me so much hell that I want to rip my hair out...>_<
ys_skater 2006-04-05 01:54:08 nice drawing I would like to see how the colored version will turn out
Stepz 2006-04-05 05:53:51 Nice penciling!
Wicked_Lady 2006-04-05 09:36:56 She looks cute ^^
lotsofblood 2006-04-05 12:48:13 did you do this with a wacom tablet
Yao 2006-04-05 13:20:53 nope, I am using some generic made in china tablet called a "UC-Logic Super Pen" for about 100$. It has 8x6 Drawing area and about over 1000 levels of pressure - which is a god send to a guys with big hands like me :D
larlock1 2009-05-02 14:38:11 the thumb looks akward
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Random art
I did this a while ago. It's supposed to be a manga version of me :)
(I used a calligraphy pen to write the katakana)
This is Shiro playing the flute-- duh. ^^ COMMENT ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! ^^

Hi all, today I finished this piece of art. I made it to use as part of a layout for my upcoming online portfolio. Don't know how I'm going to use this yet though.
This is my first upload!
Hope I will get along with everyone! :D
Old stuff. Plls comment.
kung fu tiger
pencil no jutsu
Geisha... There is this name Angel written down in the drawing cause its suppose to be this girls which now here is geisha signature.
I am just obsesed with "LOVELESS"... ^^ please comment... :3
TRIXIE Anipike Mascot // Valentine's Day

//Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm
//Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher)
//Time: 9 h
Thisss is a page from chap 9. lol
Dark Elf Chibi Archer i made years ago, got it stolen once :P Darn art grabbing free server >_> too bad for them the ONLY one who can use it is ME and NCsoft :3 ( Lineage 2 character )
Self-potrait. Not much of a story about this one. There just was one damn annoying fly that didn't know when to stop.
I've reproportioned her and corrected a few mistakes in the earlier sketch. I've also changed her crown- I've now got a winged theme running through the picture. A little more "high elf"ish. I've VERY quickly splashed on some colour to get a feel for the final thing, I'm gonna re-colour it so don't judge it all on this one. C&C welcome. (btw what colour should the hair be?)