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Some Extreemly hot Babe on extreemly high heels. *Giggle*
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Deetris Some Extreemly hot Babe on extreemly high heels. *Giggle*
Merink 2006-03-31 13:37:06 wow, how can she walk in those, i struggle to walk in regular heels, lol. Good though
Kheine 2006-04-02 01:55:26 Whahha! That is you when you have big shoes Dude! And long hair! Hahha! Neat sketch dude! ^^
Def Character 2006-04-02 23:33:54 Funny ^^
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Random art
now i know this one deserves the box lol.
I decided to draw a girl sleeping in the grass, because I was relaxing.
I personally like the boots
but the colors turned out to be a bit gay:P lol
The kiss of death

C & C pls
Some more doodle from me *sorry* -_-'' and yes, before you ask, that zombie IS wearing a tutu.
Hello, all! It's me Raguel, I changed my name to Avaeccus because I use the name literally everywhere else. I also deleted a lot of my old art(from 75 to 6 drawings). Time to start anew!
we got the assignment to draw skeletons at the artschool , this is what came out o' my pencil , I kinda like it , but not a lot...
Hello (n_n)/) a fairly old doodle for you (mabye a couple of months old) heh I don't think I've uploaded this one yet but I can't remember 6^^ oh noes, my brain is going :O
trying out to draw real manga stylish
Just Basara from Macross 7 ^.^
first of all: the head is really far to big compared to the body :S

the hand most in front is kinda big too...but i especially made this for training my coloring, witch is getting better and better.
now i still have to learn the proportions...witch is very hard for me somehow :S

but i like the outcome, no matter the proportions ^^

i made this work with pastel by the way..i just <3 pastel ;)
HATAKE KAKASHI from NARUTO. My best PhotoShop CG I think. I like the way it turned out semirealistic. I had some problems with his headprotector as you might notice. Took me 3 hours to complete. But I really like it :). Hope you'll like it as well. ^^
A promo pic for Hokori
something I drew for my gf, and it's been a while huh? :D My pics become too lage for mangaworkshop so...ehehe...too lazy to resize them too.... ah well XD here are me and my gf as plushies sitting on a bad drawn desk with a picture of them next to them standing on the desk, sorry I fail at drawing backgrounds and objects ^^'