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a girl knight...
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lotsofblood a girl knight...
Def Character 2006-03-30 14:33:39 Lots of B is getting better and better ^^
lotsofblood 2006-03-31 15:24:48 thanks :)
Kheine 2006-04-02 01:57:00 Agrees with Def Character^^ You are better!
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Random art
the work-in-progress sketch of my Jak and Samke picture -w-
my proud best (till now) work.
my inner angel "flash"
yes I love angel story's (l)d.n.angel(l) sorry...
sad -_-
The Ultamite battle between the created and their creator...mwa ha ha
just something i drew during math class.. oh the boredom truly is unbearable xD

This is a remake, I had some commends about the previous one... And i have changed some small details.
(I still did'nt do any shading...time 4 a thirt make over)
VALENTINE CONTEST: Inuyasha and Kagome finally profess their love for one another, in the form of a Valentine's Day teddy-bear.
My idea. Sketched out traditionally  Lined/colored with photoshop. Roughly 8 consecutive hours of work. e.e I'm SO glad I got to finish it. I'm really proud of how it turned out. :)
mizu CAN be grownup!! (when he loses umi ^^') side info: mizu is madly in ove with umi, but she get snatched away by a person who gets reminded to his ex-wife (she died) when he's with umi (complicated, I know)
char from fanfic Link ©. more info at (I don't know if I'm aloud to make comercials ^^' don't kill me if I'm not alouwed!)
Here is one of my character that I drew. I hope you all like it. And plz leave me some comment about my problem with my art
Some chara sketching... i'm planning to do more art about her :3
i planned to only make a cute dragon but i made a background too.
..witch i don't like...

Just a man
Zydrate Robber
Damn!! that bastard looks cool … cooler than me … his career as a manga character ends here !!!!