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Zeph 2006-03-29 18:34:47 haha he looks like he's gonna eat the cat. awesome picture, and nice mouth
lotsofblood 2006-03-29 19:22:05 kagome's cat simply rocks
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Random art
:) the hero of my manga DevilKin
hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college
Merink mom asked me if i wanted some cake and this is wat i thought up ^_^ haha

umm basically i did it really yeah ^_^ dont be harsh it took me all of 10 mins >:O
This is one of my request-drawings for Gaia. Not that much^^'
Well I tried again hope you like it!
One of my favorite little breeds.  I have one named Kiki.  Ink and prismacolor marker.
XD  I hope you like it
Hey, my first art that i'm uploading. please go easy on me. :P

and this is the linework ^.^
my friend ased me if I could develope a new char for him to rpg with it, so I did ^^'
Kioni Ikawa from fanfic/rpg Tenshi Tokyo ©
Hey MWS dudes ^^. My last upload was a long time ago. Been too busy working and training, that I forgot about my artskills. Well, I've been drawing again and I've made a lot of sketches including this tablet art I made in PS CS. It's a coloured sketch. Tooke me 3 hours. I actually have much better art, but Im kinda lazy with scanning, so this is all digital. Hope you njoy this one a bit :}
I rarely draw guys... so I decided to draw one... curses to the small piece of paper tho cutting his body in half. Maybe I'll color him... xD
Oh man I do need to practice more .. So many mistakes (hand, pose, perspective..) I really need to find more time to draw because whenever I take a slight 'pause' (of, say, 2 months) I never get better .. This stuff still has the same feel like the first drawings I submitted here .. Anyway, it is unfinished as you can see & sorry for the low quality!