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Random funny stuff ^^
Btw. Slipje is dutch for panty :3
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Deetris Random funny stuff ^^ Btw. Slipje is dutch for panty :3
Ayumi 2006-03-31 14:44:39 aww cute, but muse dunt suck!
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Random art
Well..this is me xD (kinda lol drawed by lokking  in a mirror) and yes my hair is that pointy =P
I wanted to draw a gothic lolita styled character. And... I did. ;P
yay its yoni
this is a drawing i did on paint tool sai about a year ago, i usually just like to use it for profile pictures
aki hajime
Sup. I haven't been here in a while.
Damn my crappy scanner! The original looks so much better! ;_; Anyway, here are 2 lolita-gothic girls! They're not really striking a pose or anything, but I just wanted to concentrate on the clothes ^_^
 I haven't posted in so long before I forgot my Login to manga Work shop. How Stupid of me x-x;
blah (part 1)
My boyfriend and I XD
Just a friend of mine im gonna use for a character in a comic

This is made by my friend, not me!!! I love this picture, cause the girl is me!! yeeeh!!  she forgot my glasses and my eyebrows are bigger, but I look better on the picture than in reality, ^0^ now you know how I look ^-^

Another 'Girl in bed' image. This time it's one of my own original characters, Fena Haroh from my comic Embrace. This one is also pretty old, but it seems to be standing up the the test of time. One of my cleanest traditional inking jobs.