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hehe, my dark side. I was inspired by a porn movie to make his pic. enjoy it
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mama_logon hehe, my dark side. I was inspired by a porn movie to make his pic. enjoy it
lotsofblood 2006-03-27 23:32:35 what does porn have to do with THIS
Def Character 2006-03-28 10:55:39 You don't want to know... realy ^^
Shadow5308 2006-03-28 14:56:48 same here ><
Zeph 2006-03-28 16:10:29 Please tell me the above 3 comments are sarcasm. hahaha nice picture mama. good inspiration too
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Random art
more unfinished stuff for your viewing pleasure heh heh.
setsuna (c) emerson tung
im working on this one right now. something is wrong though.
Did you know vampire's don't have a reflection?  
the movie von helsing gave me this idea ^^ 
also didnt give him a shadow 
the mirror frame was gold at first... but didnt rly fit in so made it silver
aphrodites character germaine again... this time not so scary (i hope) night :)
I would have given this a background, but I did it on some scrap sketchbook paper that already had some other doodles on it. :/ He also had a hand, but it cam out kinda blobby and made the picture look rather ugly. This is the result of me experimenting with some new coloring techniques with my Prismacolors. If you want to critique it, just focus on the coloring. The anatomy is crap, I know. 8D
just....a rough sketch. Drew it during class. Boring =_=
A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
The first page of my first published work. The writer was dropped, there was no story, nobody wanted to read it and it is business, if my art is being pushed with a story no one wants to read, then it's no good for me. I write myself, maybe I should just stick to that, like Rumiko Takahashi ya know? Yea, I like my stories and I'm the most critical of myself. Well, you guys can be my judge when I post some pages here of my own stuff, yes? Readers raise writers. That's a good quote because it's true, I'm not trying to sound braggy, but I'm an honest person. I like how the pages turned out for the manga though, I am still proud of them, well, certain pages. Ho ho ho!

Harmony is owned by Noobity Comiks.
Artwork by Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque.

Well, I uploaded the lineart of this one a couple of days ago, since it's an assignment for school I had to keep working on it ^^ It took me about 10 hours to color/shade it, and I'm sort of happy with the result. Not completely though, there are a lot of mistakes and it's not just the lighting or the proportions! I really don't like the eyes of the girl, anyone have some suggestions on how to do that better? I really want to know what I should have done better, so C&C it!!!<P>Thanks!
An old drawing of Chichiri from Fushigi Yugi. I'm not really into that manga anymore but I was a really big Chichiri fan when I drew this.
Nameless - just an update to show you the painfully slow progress from the original sketch (nov 2003) to the present version. Yeah okay, I should draw some more.. and quicker ;P - feb 2004
Kisuke Urahara by Tite Kubo, Bleach