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im wanting to color this, so crits would be more helpful. Just a quick sketch
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Zeph im wanting to color this, so crits would be more helpful. Just a quick sketch
? 2006-03-20 16:53:21 how would u color this? u shaded it pretty thoughroly, other than that the eyes r squinty but detail is AWSOME:)
Def Character 2006-03-20 21:15:19 No crits...
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Random art
done in pen and black and red prismacolor markers
some little thai kid that probably doesnt have alot of money
I know you already have seen this one, put the pic quality was crappy, i used a scanner this time
random sketches of the same character. I love to draw curls
Here's the sketch from before, only coloured now. I tried my best, but it didn't really worked out the way I thought it would :'(
another work in progress...
looking kool
Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!
I may color it later, dunno though... since my tablet is missing :(
i didn't draw anything for a while and i am very happy beceause summer so i desid to Draw something Happy and cheerful.......well i know my drawing are not perfect and the hands are to small just like always....... But Anyway i hope u guys like it :)

90 % Hand Drawn
10 % PC (Paint shop Pro8)
Pg 13 Chapter 6 AOY =D
i saw this one pic on the internet and i wanted to draw it so i did
Rainbow Girl! Well...this is a project from school. I’m making a magazine and she is the mascot ^_^ she’s made up from an other character of mine. It’s a different style.
March 20,2018
The hands of those she tricked came for her from Hell...

For better quality and size, you know what to do, go to my DA xD