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a dude
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remy a dude
KCM 2006-03-19 09:39:52 damn dude... you are ruining the word "dude".... damn i should shoot you right now in the head... you suck bigtime and the pic looks like a geek...NOT A DUDE YOU ANTI-DUDE!!!!
Def Character 2006-03-19 11:08:40 KCM chill... Remy is 12 one has to start somewhere. Remy try proportions first it will give a more natual feel to your drawing. On of my sons (age 11) drawings is in my galleria have a looks here^^
Def Character 2006-03-19 11:11:12 Whoops wrong link.. Sorry
Neoflox 2006-03-20 06:46:40 Well when (back then, all those years ago) I wuss 12 I did not draw not as good as this boy does. Gonna do a color'd version?
Wicked_Lady 2006-03-21 01:29:01 Dude... ^^ I like it
remy 2006-03-25 10:52:32 men KMC shoot my I no I dont draw like the best but I wanna practing thanh you from the odder comments
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Random art
line-art colloured with pencil and marker.
this is ment for a website.
A doodle of Snake from MGS3. -n_n-
Heh, he's dropped his cigs and can't find 'em again ... poor snake u_u''
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p> Yes. <p>Please comment. Feedback is most definitely welcome and suggestions will be taken into consideration. =D And PLEASE do not steal. >.< <p><p>Page Seven of the story.
This has absolutely nothing to do with manga...but I'm uploading it anyway ;-) My sister started this whole thing of drawing other people in a catsuit, so I made this one of somebody...I wonder if he'll recognise himself ^_____^ :-D(though he kinda looks like rock lee like this too XD )
my anime style? please? it's a samurai..what do you think?
my first drawing in open canvas, i hope you like it^-^
And another^_^ The latex girl is back. I found a new toy! Our own Oekaki board is great.
 After A week long Hiatus - I quickly doodled something. I somewhat Like the messy nature of this drawing, gives it a "feel" to it.
and here is another shot of kaiju
this is a little zombie girl with a big sword enough said bahahahaha
a bit of character design ^^. She is suppous to look girly but not to much. A bit of SWAT but not to much. i still have to think a place for guns and ammo ... but i rather hide them (i dont like guns. please feel free to C&C. Whatever comes to your mind it will be highly appreciated ^-^
um...I think I really need to get a skin-tone marker.
I've drew this in my sketch book I think that I must colour it so give your comments and keep arting
The fairy of math. She's saying, "I am the fairy of math. Yes, THE fairy of math, though I am thousands of years old, I still look great. Do your fractions or get smacked." And the chibi of me (top) is saying," Kill her, I hate math." But the bottom chibi, my math teacher is saying," NUUU SILLY! You gots to LOVE math~!"