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Hinoke is the Goddess of fire in the same rp that Elder Kita is from.
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Catanaition Hinoke is the Goddess of fire in the same rp that Elder Kita is from.
Zeph 2006-03-15 18:42:13 i like it, just i find it wierd how the shading changes direction on the skirt and the legs....
Catanaition 2006-03-15 18:53:40 Zeph - It changes because the legs are half-lit by the fire while the skirt isn't being hit with the fire-light (it's wide enough that all the light is caught under the skirt).
Def Character 2006-03-19 09:24:19 The overall idea is good ^^
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:D just a doodle 4 u guys
OMG I totally forgot I made this one! Though it's a little simplistic (hardly any shading) and nowhere near finished (I don't know if I'll ever finish it all) I like the way it turned out! I tried to make it as less smudgy as possible. What should I do with this one??

soo.. a friend ask me to collor one of her drawings.
^^ soo.. I collerd this one too^^

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Uhm... very very old. I remember spending a lot of time on this one, then I kinda forgot about it... Found it today cleaning my harddrive, added a bg and voila. Lotta things are off like: proportions, feet, legs, head, face, thickness of the lines, light, shading, etc. Knock yurself out on the c&c's ^^
The last drawing before I totally lost inspiration ^_^
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getting back into the swing of things.  Haven't been drawing anything cool for quite some time.  Here ya go!
 o m g !
somemore random doodles. =P
Rondom sketching. I have been doing that a lot more then actual drawings. *sigh*
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