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Inuyasha and Kagome and the Shikon Jewel
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Spirit_Detective_X Inuyasha and Kagome and the Shikon Jewel enjoy
lotsofblood 2006-03-13 21:32:47 pretty neat
Apocalypse 2006-03-14 11:15:12 Ooo that looks nice ^^ .. maybe some colour?
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Random art

I'm still brainstorming about designing characters (0_<) I personally think her eyes are cute XD. owh and her left hand might be a a bit of though

i didnt get any further with these pics... school and awesome new pspgames and a mangacontest interupted me... even the darkcloud doesnt seem to feel very well...
This is a girl I found on the video of the song rocketeer XD
A random sketch of soldiers of some imaginery country. Gonna update this later, when I can tell more about this.
Hey guys. This is a sketch I'm working on of my friend's World of Warcraft character. I plan on inking, coloring, the whole shebang. What do you guys think?
See the whole thing here >
a random mecha sketch i did while i was on the plane sometime back.
I tried out something new :o I used Illustrator XD" hahaha. I think it turned out better then I thought =D btw, she says "I'm waiting forever for you, but why haven't you come yet?"
well this is a drawing i am proud of .. i think it turned out great .. except for 2 parts tho ... the feet and lower part of the legs .. i totaly screwed that up >.< ... ow and the swords aint finnished :) .. wel injoy
Watercolor painting
XD Tenyi. it's an unexisting characher i made up in Naruto. >.< I made it up in a RPG from a friend of mine. it supose to be some kid who lives with me >.< .. anyway, i hope you like it.
Enjoy the art work mangakas! I hope you like it!

@(-_-)@ U