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Inuyasha and Kagome and the Shikon Jewel
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Spirit_Detective_X Inuyasha and Kagome and the Shikon Jewel enjoy
lotsofblood 2006-03-13 21:32:47 pretty neat
Apocalypse 2006-03-14 11:15:12 Ooo that looks nice ^^ .. maybe some colour?
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Random art
This is a quick sketch design for my character. Its not finshed yet, i will upload the finshed picture soon. Im learning photoshop at the moment, its my first picture done with cell shading on photoshop^^
whelp, just watched the Last Samurai, and there was this brief scene where Nathan was a sillouette (sp?) against the I felt inspired, and thus, comes this similar picture by me ._.  the mountains aren't too great, but oh well.
sources from watermelon XD XD
Once more in a bad mood just drawing random things
lasT YeaR aRTworK...(^3^)
My elf draft what do you think
mmmmmmm i like this way of coloring ,im not sure but i think i have seen a similar pic a few days ago and i dont remember where .... it makes a good wallpaper :), comments are welcome
There was cold last saturday. I was in a cafe, with my friends so I started to draw directly on paper with a standard pen, without a previous sketch and I liked the results
ok so this isnt done... yet. anywho, its an updated version of my chibi ring master which can be found in my colour eye is really messed, im gonna fix that, basically im waiting till i can buy another pen before i can finish this, so in the near... ish future, look for a coloured version de cet picture!!!
i drawd it from a poster (its not traced) 
and dynasty sat is cleaning up and coloring it i screwed up the hand but i like it very much c&c are very needed and wanted!!!
I love the TRIA Pantone markers of Letraset!^^ They are wonderful to color with. I had the great chance to choose the colour range and to draw the illustrations for this two manga marker-sets (available at The girl was colored with only the 24 colour of the shoujo set (The same thing with the boy and the shounen set).
Silly Concept work.
Hellyeah Nice Hair!