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The Grand Elder/ Headmistress of the magic school in a roleplay I'm starting up.
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Catanaition The Grand Elder/ Headmistress of the magic school in a roleplay I'm starting up.
Wicked_Lady 2006-03-13 12:07:05 Wow, she looks great! I really like her outfit and her hair. And her face looks sweet. The background is really beautiful. Can't wait to see more^^
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Random art
Me and my imaginary-emokid-blonde-superhot-guyliner wearing-vampire boyfriend. His name's haiku. You can draw him, if you want. [: Just send me the link if it's on devart so I can add it to my faves. ^^
yo...thiz oNe iz takEN out frOm My latest comiC, "Sober"..chEck it ouT..
its a chik!
come one people look at it!!
A chibi me XD
well this took me longer than usual so please comment so i know what to fix.
this is one of my favourite sketches so far. what do you guys think?
First try drawing a girl with dresses and other girly stuff
Just Testing My New Scaner
Well, I tried my hand at making pixel art of the living legend of Yoshi from Super Mario World?
it took a long time, but i finished it. a big thanks to Def Character for helping me clean the lineart ^_^
any ideas for a better background? 6^_^;;
Dustin C.
Alice from Pandora hearts
Hey MWS... Remember me...? ^^;; Well, I decided to drop by and post something I worked on a little while ago. It's more Fire Emblem fanart, this time of my favorite couple Lyn x Hector. It's not finished yet, because Hector is missing his hand on Lyn's shoulder... but I hope you guys like it anyway. It's just a simple sketch and when I get the opportunity, I'll probably work it into Photoshop. C&Cs are always welcome. And congrats Adam on getting Galatea published!
Hi people! I'm new, so i'll start off with something i created very recently. I hope this art is pleasing to the eye, critics and stuff are greatly appreciated ^.^
I'm almost done coloring this. The color version will be posted sooner or later. The flame is just temporary and will be replaced with a (hopefully) better looking flame.