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Cute elf-Heidi <3 Practising backgrounds.
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Catanaition Cute elf-Heidi <3 Practising backgrounds.
phant00m 2006-03-12 02:18:09 Looks good :D
Wicked_Lady 2006-03-13 12:01:02 the background looks coowl. And the elf-Heidi's really cute ^^
lotsofblood 2006-03-13 15:41:57 good work, i like the clouds...but i think her ear is a lil too big
Apocalypse 2006-03-14 11:17:00 OoOoO Flowers! ^^ I love the way she is standing, maybe a smaller ear next time ^^ Very nice drawing <3
Catanaition 2006-03-15 18:15:02 Thanks to everyone~ As for her ear, I do purposefully make this particular species have very silly huge ears. They're supposed to be kind of like christmas elves and look a bit funny.
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Random art
Guy from class...
This is, I think, the best thing I ever made. It's a sort of self projection of my feelings thru an original character. I'm drawing the best when I'm depressed, I guess.
this is my home-made manga.. but  it is read the way the comics is... please comment on this...thatnx!
<a href="">===see preliminary lineart</a><br><br>
The full finished final colors for my custom bee themed pony ^_^.<br><br>
Original prelim lineart photocopied and photocopy mounted on the hard board backing from my vellum pad ^^;. Colored with Dr. Martins dyes, black lytho crayon, and white gel pen, white ink and white acrylic paint, then trimmed to size.<br><br>
Feels good to use my dyes again. I kind of forgotten how fun and attention grabbing they were. Don't get me wrong, I like digital coloring, but its too easy to get distracted and walk away from a piece. At least with traditional media, you CAN'T really walk away from the piece until a certain section is finished ^^;.
<br><br>Oh, and still hunting for a new name for her.. any suggestions?<br><br><b><a href="">PRINTS and goodness available</a></b>  <i>~~Bee 02/11/2005</i>
I made a Kakashi drawing with coloured pencils...^^
Oh mickey mickey momo.
Greetings Muru Kitty
Muru Kitty
After going through two whole weeks of drama Drake finally gets to dance with the girl he loves at the senior high school prom.
Anime Chick
a girl requested me to draw a warrior, so I began drawing a warrior XD I noticed the sword isn't all that cool >.> but I already colored it XD next time I WILL make a better sword!
hey its finished! remember that sketch i did a few weeks ago? well here is the end results! what do you thinhk, would you go see the movie?
Dustin C.
xD NikA finished ONE at least xD  so =3 i do like it but there is a lot of stuff going on and everything looks too messy and dark =3 YAY bondage, scars, blood <3 and look there is no purple =D  .... i miss my boyfriend =3
lol i was bored and started making randon locoroco fan art X3
My first post  YaY
Hey i havent been on here in ages bout 8 years , heres a drawing from back in 2012 :) , i have a lot of old work on here id like to delete  does anyone know how i can do that ? Cheers
Just a friend of mine im gonna use for a character in a comic