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Kheine Yo
Merink 2006-03-10 13:24:44 @.@ i hate u! why are u so good!! lol. this pic is really good, thou. ur really talented
Def Character 2006-03-10 14:19:09 Cloudster on the way up ^^
Zeph 2006-03-10 19:53:32 like what everyone else said. awesome...
wwing 2006-03-11 18:20:03 oooh cool I like the perspective XD but your not finished with it right?
Wicked_Lady 2006-03-13 12:12:12 Well, that 'yo' has said it all... He looks really great, good job on this!
AIKUZA 2006-03-15 11:35:54 aaahh freakin cool son. Like how you experiment with the BG. only problem is that the perspective isnt right compared with the character. Character style and colours, awesome.
Kaizu 2006-03-19 17:09:54 Yea quite good, i like how you listen to people comments and i see youre improving every drawing partly cause of that. I remember when all your characters had the same face, male and female ;). damn i need to draw more aswell ;x
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Random art
Hey MWS! Gah, it's been forever. I'm gonna try and stick around this time. Here's a rather boring sketch I made recently of the amazing Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Yes, he is shoulderless and mostly torsoless, but that's what resulted of the sketch. :P
Critiques and comments are of course welcome. (t) 10 minutes
For <a href="">Snapesnogger</a><br>
Poor girl has been getting a lot of garbage from people... God only knows the REAL reasons why.

Thought she might need a little chippering up ^_^. This is my best take on her centaur woman from her Courtship piece *lookie here to see <a href="">Courtship</a>*<br>
I just hate to see a good artist who's not one of the 'OMG so popular' artists over  on DA finally get a small chance to shine for a while, and get clawed and snapped at because she finally got some attention. People need to learn to chill out.<br>

Pencils and inked with Copic multiliner BS in sketchbook, scanned into Photoshop 6 and border design added. <br><i>~~Bee 8/15/2005</i>
Seraphim is the name of an angel. I drew her in Human form
Artwork Lozz  
Colour Def.

Meet the moderators of the Warped Wonderland guild on Gaia. ^^
Def Character
I've been so busy lately I've had almost no time to draw or post anything so, I decided to post what I have of this peice. I haven't seen fanart of this in quite a while. Some of you on MWS might hate me for bringing it back, but oh well. ^^;; I apologize. He's my favorite character from the popular Naruto series and something tells me he'd never end up in this condition. Like I said, this isn't complete yet. I was gonna have a lot of bodies around him.. but I  figured that would take a while for me to do. Hope you all like what I have so far.
Took me about 4-5 hours (on end). I'm really happy with it, because i spent a ton of time on the shading >.< I hope you like it! ^^
Someone else's original character named Himily for Naruto.
Fun fun pencil time.
By far, this is the most difficult project I ever covered! It's probably because I'm such a Jesus fan that I got overly conscious & tried too hard to make everything perfect... OR it must have been demons playing with my mind. I'm glad I managed to finish it despite the "obstacles"!

This one's for the one man who changed the world!
fan art for a good friend
also ty to all at MSW wow actully take the time to look and comment on my work 
.... ty it means alot
Here are some random sketches ^^ The Catgirl has good an evil on her shoulder. She is wondering if she is or is not going to eat the mouse...
pencil no jutsu
This is a watercolorpainting that is presenting Vegeta in the DB GT series.
My original character. Desert elf, Leef.
21st February, 2007.
Leef (c) Serafina<br>
Art (c) Serafina
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Some of my latest art a beast. What do you think of it?