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fu form champloo
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1-MM-1 fu form champloo
AIKUZA 2006-03-06 14:43:58 Very cool sketch. Has more charm than the coloured version I think. I love Samurai Champloo. Especially the crappy episode where they speak dutch.
paper-samurai 2006-03-07 10:34:00 haha,yeah its cool,Champloo indeed rules,but the ending was kind of an anticlimactic to me..
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Random art
scanned line-art, colloured in photoshop
maybe I will use this as a fighting character , but more of a magic user...he fights by manipulating his shadow to form weapons...I'll stick to this one 'till I make a better one...o_o
well i still want a background for the drawing whit the 2 dragons so i created these 2 but i really dont know whits one. so i leave the up to you guys ^^, whits one should i take as bg. ow its created whit photo shop 6 ^^.
a trio from Coman. right to left, miyoko, yumi n rika xD
And Rika is.... *based* on me xD

O_O i can't draw hands...
Etrigan vs Rude-D (first part)
Important Notice! This comic is an Emcee Battle between Etrigan the rhyming demon and Rude-D the galactic nucleus. As you may or may not know, an Emcee Battle is a battle with rhymes, not punches or kicks. While reading this, you can actually hear Rude-D spitting if you follow this link:
and click Rude-D VS Etrigan either lo-fi or hi-fi.
Nifty gimmick or what?
Now go enjoy!
(oh, there's a wee bit of strong language in it btw)
This is a chibi(or attempt at) of me with my bowling ball. What do you think? (I'm actually looking at the computer screen, learning from my brother, how to use GIMP2.0 ^_~) *Edited* that mouth was bugging me, too dark...
A wherewolf girl. I was trying out new style. What do ya think?
Well, it's been a while since the last I seriously draw something. Anyway, my birthday is coming *yikes* ^^; I feel my age....
The girl called LaFaye Christine preparing an attack, comments are welcome, please be harder :3
Just brush practice.
Manga Art
Manga Art
Oh, i like this a lot, theory re-confirmed, drawings come out better if a rest is taken :3, comments are (affirmative) welcome.
Oh, and maybe some ideas for a name :7
Testing out corel essentials 3 like paul convinced me O_o