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a colored sketch
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tanukinao a colored sketch
Def Character 2006-03-05 23:45:58 ^_^
Def Character 2006-03-05 23:50:24 Ehm the underarms seem a bit bigger and a bit oddly attached to the upper arms. Overall pic and colours AOK ^^
Nagashiwa 2006-03-06 01:21:25 Nice^^
AIKUZA 2006-03-06 14:43:32 This piece would look better if has one style. And I prefer the clean colour style like on the kimono. But still cool tough
Zeph 2006-03-06 19:21:16 i agree, im a fan of the clean style rather than the sketchy one. but nice job. yeah something is wierd with the under arms.....maybe her right wrist
Silence 2006-03-06 23:48:00 the coloring is great and outfit is origi. i LOVE the collar combo! nice!
Kaizu 2006-03-08 07:39:59 Agree with Aik, Clean it up and Finish it and it would look great!
Kaizu 2006-03-08 08:07:07 Ive been looking at it for a while and just wanted to add i really like the way you colored it :D
tanukinao 2006-03-08 19:11:44 has anyone noticed this was just a sketch? i had spent maybe 20 mintues total on the whole darn thing. color and all. yes. i know it's flawed. but it was never meant to be finished.
Kaizu 2006-03-09 03:46:19 Sorry but i still like it
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