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hi im new here this is my first picture ever, colored in photoshop
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agz hi im new here this is my first picture ever, colored in photoshop
Zeph 2006-03-04 11:04:42 nice job. the tattoo is pretty cool. just keep practicing, and the hands with get alot easier
Ayumi 2006-03-04 16:08:28 ooo pretty good ^^
Kheine 2006-03-05 03:03:41 Yeah dude ^^ Way to go! Draw more :D
agz 2006-03-06 08:58:42 thx for the feedback
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Random art
Skip and slide is an abstract mind twister. I really enjoy these relaxing drawings.
I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
Yay, i thought of dropping by here again and post something for a change xD.Hi Mangaworkshop ... So here is what i have been doing artistically speaking. I still enjoy doing very "static" poses and some lights effects... Well, i have been trying to practice male anatomy and backgrounds hard, i made some improvements but i still need to use reference for the background, i cant create stuff, im dried of ideas xDDDD i made anbu kakashi fanart =3 (sexyness).
I still have problems adjusting brightness and contrast in my screen, when i calibrate it according to sites on internet EVERYTHING (made by me or pro artists) looks too dull =/ and if i color according to that calibration, on a more "normal" screen looks like hell dark and shiny with  saturated colors >=( . It shouldnt be a big problem but i get comments about the image being "too dark" or "too bright" .... *sigh*. And if i print the image everything looks waaaaay too plain xD

Oh yeah, his right leg is too long, or short, depending on how you like porportions i guess xD.

As always comments and critics are welcome
My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu
last page of my first manga lol
What do you think of this one ^^
(and once again don't mind the fingers..)


I know this is no manga, but I needed to upload something , because I'm afraid otherwise my account will be deleted very soon :( Besides that, I'm only starting to work with color pencils and can use some tips and criticism on that. (It's Star Wars' Luke and Lea by the way)
i've colored it ^^
My X-mass card for 2005

Myrry christmas folks and all the best for 2006

*comments are welcome!*
Just messing around with corel painter. Crits please ^_^

This is the finalart from my chara Kenji Nagashiwa^_^

I hope you like it
Well hello there, it has been awhile since i posted a art work, but here ya go :D