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this is a small dress thing i drew for my cuz.a long time ago.
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Silence this is a small dress thing i drew for my cuz.a long time ago.
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Ehm.. what to tell you... She's sad and lonely, I added the moon for a little mystery. What could I improve on this drawing?
i draw sam bleah stuff b^^d!!!!!
pencil no jutsu
So yeah, the restaurant where I had my birthday dinner had those spiffy paper tablecovers where you can doodle and stuff. So I doodled. :B

FLOOFY GARRETT. With floofy hair and those funky floofy shoulder things that don't really look like the real shoulder things but GUESS WHAT, THEY'RE FLOOFY. :<
tried to be simple :D
This being the most recent is one of my favorites mainly because of the color
Sozo teki
well, its ehhrmm .. I think it is a nice sketch
This is my Kitten Angel ^^ based on my character in Ragnarok. I made it for a good friend of mine who gave me a gift in game (Kitty Band) and always calles me an angel because he likes me so much. It isn't finished yet, but please comment it :D
The lady of good fortune shall rize to all those who have suffer bad luck^^

with my best wishes to everyone and keep it all up^^
xies to the fans
from another good manga Numbers ...............................
I was damn lucky to have Oni collaborate with me again on this one. This is the colored version of the geomancer Yuna I did a while back... and I was again, very impressed by Oni's coloring. So yeah, as you can see it also made it up to the whole banner thing too, which im really grateful for. Thank you both Firstborn and Oni! Good things :)
The Raging Spaniard
Sora fron KH2,I just decided to draw it.
Snow White :) I really like her.
My friend Kelsea in math class. We were board.
Zydrate Robber
A traditionl girl in a neat kimono weilding a wild sword