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Alissa and Peter, I like this couple so much, lol.
C & C pleAse
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Merink Alissa and Peter, I like this couple so much, lol. C & C pleAse
Zeph 2006-03-01 15:08:58 nice picture. his right arm seems alittle big, but this is a nice picture.
Apocalypse 2006-03-14 16:07:29 Ooo nice, yes i have to agree on the arm, bit to big. Love the background you put alot of work into it ^^ way to go =)
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Random art
This is like...a practice for my title page....its kinda chibi ^-^
princess momo my freind sophie
A fast sketch I made after a friend of mine told me of an idea she had. sorry for the bad scan quality
this is the same Yugi Yami drawing, but now I've coloured it. (By the way for those who don't know, Yami is the spirit from the millenium puzzle, not Yugi himself, who is, I agree, a whimp)
Sean 79 from the forum did the coloring.
I made this during my homework, it's kinda messy, but I hope you like it ^-^
After all the work and examining, i finally figure what's wrong with the sketch. i 4got to consider that the neck does not and will never turn that far back >_< totally mess up, but it did look nice overall to me =)
This is one of mine first drawings. I drew it in Highschool during classes.
mega spoiler to my fanfic Luna © Neo and Luna. Neo...sort of...turned.....REALLY evil ^^' as I said: from fanfic Luna ©
This is one of my own characters created by me, i call him "Fedraw" i k'now weird but here i show a little bit of how i do the face so you can see the circle and some lines that i dont erase for that so you can see it, well i hope this can help the people who start now to draw thats all for now see ya later and take care
"squall and cloud from kingdom hearts" two of my fav characters from that videogame
Hey MWS! After a month or two of being talentless, I'm finally posting something. ^^;; I've noticed that the people around MWS lately have been getting better and better... hope I don't disappoint. This peice here took me about 12 hours to do... those trees killed my time. ><;; I drew this on paper, scanned it, then gave it life with Photoshop CS and my tablet. I got very lazy when it came to the ground... but I wasn't so sure what I should do with it. ^^;; Anyway, hope you like it. For better quality;

ermff, I seem to be moving away from manga-style lately... blame school art classes >_<  but anyway, my roomie asked me to draw a picture of her, so I did, and this is the result.  Yay? xD