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anothe origi. character of mine. her name is nanea. this took a day to do.
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Silence anothe origi. character of mine. her name is nanea. this took a day to do.
Merink 2006-02-21 13:46:47 so cool
r7ll 2006-02-23 09:05:24 Yeah the lines are amazing.. they really do bring the picture to life, especially the hair
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Random art
i fixed the head. it's finally done. what do you think?
This would be the older Akiyoru, my main character, this picture i did mainly for the purpose of practicing line-shading, which I need to be using more often.... I bleive this took about 30-40 mins
Another attempt at Bee-chan's lineart challenge. ^^ Whatcha think?
Colored with Paint Shop Pro 8.1
Something old I never finished ^^
Hello!! This my first pic for like two years. Jus startin ta draw again. Hope you like. Comments please!!
Sample Page from FirePath =D
For Def C, cause his artwork rocks. I tried to stick with a paint style that complemented the artstyle the best.
fantasy of me? XD XD
First tanned person i drew seriously :P   I kinda like this one, only the hands didnt work out the way i wanted. And i m nog good with drawing guns... Comments appreciated
Everyones fave headgehog 
This is, I think, the best thing I ever made. It's a sort of self projection of my feelings thru an original character. I'm drawing the best when I'm depressed, I guess.
A realism portrait of a Thai model.

Since it's Thailand, the percentage that it's a really she is a bit risky.
finally after a long time my dad bought a new scanner n_n. so from now on you guys will see more art from me n_n.
This one was made when i was on vacation and i was i tried to remember some gaia online items and started to draw a gaia character. I hope you like it!
Brolly is a perfect char for drawing giant body and great anger