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Cypris from Britain.

For better quality and size of the pics, please, visit my Deviantart.
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Anngi Cypris from Britain. For better quality and size of the pics, please, visit my Deviantart.
Zeph 2006-02-19 17:19:50 nice job. everything seems great
Joou 2006-02-19 19:38:53 Ooh, very lovely picture. :D I only wish I could CG that well. The wings are so beautifull vibrant; they stand out so much against the dark. I like it. :3 Though i'm especially loving the outfit... not sure why.
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-02-20 01:52:03 Great, as usual
Nagashiwa 2006-02-20 02:04:44 lovely
Anngi 2006-02-26 15:39:54 Thank you all ;'D I'm sos touched...never expected to have such a good bunch of comments ;___; And please, fogive my bad English xDD;;;
edragon 2006-03-23 09:52:03 Awesome! I love the wing design and the coloring.
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yusuke's mother and jenny, i love this scene because they are so cute...especially yusuke's mother when he died. i copied this in one of the picture in the comics of yu yu hakusho...hope you'll like this....i add a little effect with it...
Finished commission inks for LaLuna's friend.<br><br>

Heero Yuy, mage kitty chibi, based on their GundamWingFantasy stories.<br><br>

India ink and brush on 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock, Speedball super black india ink and Raphael Kolinsky sable hair number 2 round brush.<br><br>

A picture detailing the awe I would often feel as a child when the jets from the air force base would come flying across the sky over my house.
kewl! an underwater scene sketched in class. i hate the shark, his posterior end looks blobbish.. the downside of penwork.
XD i know it's not anime/manga, but critics are welcome, i tried to paint chinese style
 \(@.@)/ , i called it: birdie that looks up XD
Still working on my project. But i have to many ideas and i cant put them all together, kinda frustrating.. Ow, i uploaded this one before, but with unknown text 8)
just a girl I sketched at 3:00 pm -__-"  I hate backgrounds! XD
Haven't uploaded a gag in ages, but here goes.
just another practice at desert punk, trying to get my shading down a little better, to no avail
picture to my friend for her birthday...a long time ago...3 years old
ehhh lol
got an idea for a few characters so just "sketched" them out.
One of my original characters; thought I'd do something to practice coloring on photoshop. Called "Another Boring Day"
this is my christmas picture i drew last year. the girls are twins as u can see thay do look a little diffrent to one and other ^-^ and the one twin is rather shy as the other ones egar and full of pep. i do hope u like it