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MOAR YGO FANART. One of my few chibi-things I actually like. :D
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Joou MOAR YGO FANART. One of my few chibi-things I actually like. :D
Merink 2006-02-18 11:40:10 awwwww so cute,I love it
Wicked_Lady 2006-02-18 13:33:54 Kewl, he looks so cute^^ *cuddles the chibi*
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Random art

I nearly gave up on this pic, but then I just decided to sketch the rest in pen real quick, then scan it in and see what i could do with it in photoshop.  Suprizingly it turned out somewhat decent.  It's just a sketchy kinda style is all.
I made it with photo shop the collors. it is Not the best but i like it
This is my first artwork here. The scanning quality is bad, but please tell me what you think.
uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
This is my Chameleon, I painted it with acrylpaint. Wat do u guys think of it ;) I now It aint manga, but I still wanna to show you
Quite a funny picture of a couple watching a scary film :)

haven't drawn in a while...comments?
Im nuts
Hi! I just came across this site and I thought I join and share with you some of my works and manga ideas. This piece I call "Sakura" since I did this during last spring. This character is one of my orginal manga characters that goes by the name of "Lin" I'll dicuss about her later ^_^ enjoy!
Some doodle :3
Remake of the first picture in my   gallery   130695.html which was done two   years ago, when I was 14. I wanted to   see how much I improved ^_^

My OC, Haley Esther (who is subject   of good 1/4 of my drawings, but haven't   thought of a story nor solid character   design for him yet, I probably never   will) playing around with things on his   messy bed.

This picture   took me so much time, holy- little   details with pencil crayons is death.   X_X

Done with Prismacolor   markers and pencils, as usual. I like   how I left the pants open, it says a lot   about the character I'm thinking of O_o
I was tierd of trying to make good humans, so i did test doing dragons, and this is my first.
mmmm the hand really s*cks..
help me!!!