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im really happy with this one. Comments and Crits would be appreciated greatly.
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Zeph im really happy with this one. Comments and Crits would be appreciated greatly.
? 2006-02-15 19:28:17 YAY, the right hand is clawish but other htan that can u make him human for me:)
lotsofblood 2006-02-15 22:26:45 cool but next time draw a girl...
Shinfate 2006-02-16 04:06:10 nice job, but the left hand IS scar though XD and the right hand looks kind of short. maybe it's because it doesn't bend like the left arm.
Ayla 2006-02-16 05:47:59 Ah... hands. Who doesn't have trouble with them? It's just a matter of practice makes perfect. You should sit down one day and start drawing your own hand in different poses. You'll get an idea of the anatomy and then the way you draw hands will continue to improve. Try that out. Other than that, his back could curve inwards towards the center a little bit and his jaw should be angled to the right more since he's looking straight down. This is nice though. Keep it up.
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-02-16 14:01:27 nice, but work on the hands and pants ;)
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Random art
I am trying to design this mecha that will look kick ass in 3d but also looks like it would "work" wen animating ... so tada .. i made a skeleton sketch today .. and it turned out great :P .. so i colored it :D. Injoy

I just coloured some random sketch  ^^
AT last my greatest work is completed! NO deedee dont push that button! Well, thanks to jzar for some photoshop help. This is my latest picture, with a lot of photoshop coloring done to it. comments are welcome as always.
Dustin C.

this is Lareina's brother, Tadrien (another OC for my fic) He like to play with the fire elements >.> I'm actually more or less proud of this one except for the dang shoulder >.o; I should have rounded it more but i didn't realize it until it was too late! oh well >>;
Latest page from my weekly webmanga The Beast Legion . Need your support.
I haven't drawn in a very long time, i know, i suck =p <br/><br/>
just a simple picture, had quite an issue with drawing the outfit fold for the girl on the right tho ^^; i dunno can't think of any way to fix the problem beside for taking a shortcut and drawing those shaded areas.<br/><br/>

if you can point out the mistake in the outfit, i will be surely grateful. especially if you draw the lining for me to see ^^;<br/><br/>

o yea, i was also trying out different hair style too. its my first time drawing the hair like the girl on the left. i know, i need more practice =(
Hello I am new here. I made this with 'Kimiko'.
This is Bobby in Wonderland. Things have gone pretty sour since Alice left @_@
Yes! another girl with a huge sword!
This picture I'm making on a wooden table, Ill upload it when its done.....So its done (equally for a while now, but a just took the picture this weekend) Took me some time to paint the basterd but I like the result! Whadoyouthink?
getting away from my style and trying something more anime. It's Yugioh...comments and crits?
Hibiki from the band Calmando Qual

I really love that band
and I gona see the band again:p
This is another one of my OC's Lucia. She's cool, no? I like how the coloring turned out, but I think her jaw is messed up. Oh well.

Lucia is MINE. Steal and I'll shoot you. Srsly.