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A quick concept sketch of a character I'm working on for a friend of mine.
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r7ll A quick concept sketch of a character I'm working on for a friend of mine.
Zeph 2006-02-15 16:49:44 not bad for a quick sketch. Can't wait to see when it's done
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-02-16 14:02:18 Whoo Great rain style ;)
count_andy 2006-02-21 13:19:54 broody b*****d :D nice 1 rill
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Random art
:D third page.
and the song takado is singing is "Bad things" by Wednesday 13. It's a badass song xD
Last weekend went to see The Nutcracker ballet and come out from there a little bit inspired. I make the prince in a cyborg stile, bt I'm pretty bad doingmecha things. And also the background looks too much "shojo". I did all this picture in 3 hours almost.
just an entry for trico's contest...c&c please...
A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
this is my friend aysa... our president in our red cross youth council....

well, she were the mc in our school during a sports fest pageant.... and she looks like this when she had to lead the program. 

the best thing is that... whenever we went to their house.... we will always ask who had a debut or who had a birthday because the meal her mother usually present were really grandiose, as in there are so many foods in the table that we usually end up... full even till dinner...

but the real best thing was the ice cream
I am trying out different colors and lineart techniques on Photoshop Elements 8. Please do leave comments!
harry potter, the rescue. if you've read the order of the pheonix you'de understand.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!DONT READ IF YOU HAVNT READ IT YET!!! so the characters in no particular order are ron, harry, hermoine, neville, ginny and luna. done in ink and pencilcrayon
vash, trigun badlands rumble,outlaw, red coat, gun,double dollars
well.. my plan for this is a comic cover but..whatever
Fanart for "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind" ^^ With Nausicaa herself and Teto the fox-squirrel
Me and my pen-friend Kate enjoying to making snowman in a happy winter day! ^^
This is a quick sketch design for my character. Its not finshed yet, i will upload the finshed picture soon. Im learning photoshop at the moment, its my first picture done with cell shading on photoshop^^
Old stuff.
Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [: