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I know this is not manga, but I still want to show it to you. :)
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AAA-LAZEX-disign I know this is not manga, but I still want to show it to you. :)
r7ll 2006-02-15 12:33:03 Woah that's immense... The grass effect is amazing! what did you use?
Def Character 2006-02-15 14:20:27 Rowr...^^
Shinfate 2006-02-16 12:38:49 tiger says: "is hunting a crime?" XD hehehe, very impressive piece of art here ^^ Really wonderfull
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-02-16 13:58:51 I Use paint :P hehe
Zeph 2006-02-16 17:57:44 what did you do this in? it looks like colored pencils, or paint. Nice job nevertheless
Merink 2006-02-17 13:52:50 @.@
count_andy 2006-02-21 13:21:26 0.o
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Today i missed school so i started trying a new style... no sketch nor reference, just got the colors and shadows there...
I upload a small pic for the sake of bandwidth, the big one is on DA... plz comment guys... :D
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My first drawing on Oekaki <3
I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
VALENTINE CONTEST Kunisai and Kammy from my comic "Kaze." As Kunisai lay bruised and unconscious, Kammy can't fight the urge to...maybe just...
i was doing nothing so i wanted to color something. fairly fast nothing special. this is sheena from the tales of least i tried.
( mario girls. (bad quality i know, gosh) took me a good 5 minutes to draw. then i threw it away, it just disgusts me for some reason.
rin again...
don'tmind the hands and feet they're badly done I know , just wanted to make a cool pose , the hand behind him is supposed to be a wave in a hand-shape...
My friends told me my X-mas cards where to I made this for them.
this one i drew for my friendz prom dress... she really didnt like it.
well, heres my first sketch! i havent drawn in a while, so im a  bit off! this is luffy! hes my fav manga character from one piece!!!
The complete colour version of the sketch to colour piccie ^_^