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I know this is not manga, but I still want to show it to you. :)
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AAA-LAZEX-disign I know this is not manga, but I still want to show it to you. :)
r7ll 2006-02-15 12:33:03 Woah that's immense... The grass effect is amazing! what did you use?
Def Character 2006-02-15 14:20:27 Rowr...^^
Shinfate 2006-02-16 12:38:49 tiger says: "is hunting a crime?" XD hehehe, very impressive piece of art here ^^ Really wonderfull
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-02-16 13:58:51 I Use paint :P hehe
Zeph 2006-02-16 17:57:44 what did you do this in? it looks like colored pencils, or paint. Nice job nevertheless
Merink 2006-02-17 13:52:50 @.@
count_andy 2006-02-21 13:21:26 0.o
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Random art
Hey guys. It's been awhile since I've been on here. I used to go by the name Desty Nova(I'm sure some of you remember me). Anyway, I just remade my account, and wanted to throw some of my old stuff back on here for the new people to see. Enjoy!
Practicing drawing anatomy... yeah...
Wah.. our RPG-Group... I draw it last year for a birthday of Dejan, one of the players... well, its my first time, drawing such a big group, and I know, there are some mistakes... still, it came out well. And he also loves it ^__^
I've drew this in my sketch book I think that I must colour it so give your comments and keep arting
I wanted to draw a gothic lolita styled character. And... I did. ;P
I had fun with this one, somewhat,
splatter brushes
he's a zombie, named Kelly :)
=D ANIMATED!!! ^^ wiiiii!!!! . althought i am not very keen on christmas, this is my kind of christmas: summer, hot days and hot nights, one sad looking christmas tree, firework, etc; spending  christmas eve at my grandparents house ... that was a long time ago. sorry about the image size. =3. no snow or big fat santa for me ^-^
Not my best.....but anyways, please leave a comment for feedback and opinions!
Well, here's the last of my christmas present projects for this year. This one's for my brother, who totally loves skateboarding. What do you guys think?
covered in snow she died
It is my first picture in these style)
caesar wip 2
teh progress continues...
I did this picture about a year ago; when my term paper was kicking my butt lol