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My feelings...Confused...

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Solin My feelings...Confused... used Pencils
Def Character 2006-02-10 07:38:44 Good one... great boots, even the patch on the elbow ^^
r7ll 2006-02-11 04:16:48 Nice use of colours ^^ you've done the confused expression very well
Merink 2006-02-18 11:59:04 I love the colors
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Random art
this was a drawing for a friend of mine. (he looksa lot like him. it's notmanga but i promise you guys i'm busywith it! :)thngs to  nightwind
My OC Yamazaru Tohta is a yakuza boss expert to using special kicks and classical yakuza wooden sword.
Just a new style
look at it and give comments
<a href="">Terror Unknown's</a> mascot, Chibi Death, isn't at his best in the morning. If he had a face, he'd be scowling. And yes, those ARE evil pink bunny slippers! ^_~
If you can't read the mug, it says "Mornings are HELL". ^^
.5mm mechanical pencil -->> Paint Shop Pro 8.1
(okay, so he's not that "chibi", but trust me, he's pocket sized (and so is the mug))
nutin special
It's me!!! With my friends Fender Squire
a knight.
please comment...
The hands of those she tricked came for her from Hell...

For better quality and size, you know what to do, go to my DA xD
A banner-type thing I made for the comic my friend and I are writing. :)
I saw this cool pic of a girl at,and made a yakuza girl drawing of it.
As we all know,porn makes the world go round^_^
By the way there is no real nudity in this pic.
no real work eather...:P
Bruce Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x-mas is getting closer and closer! So i decided to make a x-mas card by my self (yay sending original cards to people!!) uh ok ^^;; anyway...normaly i only draw sketch art with my tablet but...i dont think that to much sketchie would look nice on a i decided to let my x-mas card be the first   self made line art...teeheehee. i first started to make a person for on the card...and this is how it looks...please tell me what you think n_n (uh-oh its a verry long description!o.o)
Some time ago i was drawing something and this came up finaly, it became an elf that is holding a samoeraisword