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this is Maru Nagashiwa, Kenji's sister and Hayate's Girl friend in the manga ^_^ but I guess you already know, or don't you ^_~
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Shinfate this is Maru Nagashiwa, Kenji's sister and Hayate's Girl friend in the manga ^_^ but I guess you already know, or don't you ^_~
r7ll 2006-02-08 11:30:37 Very nice, lovely lines. I'm no expert on anatomy but her torso looks a little long to me.. do correct me if I'm wrong though ^^
Def Character 2006-02-08 13:51:46 It's not the torso its the difference in armlenght that bothers me ^^
Kheine 2006-02-09 07:14:30 For me it looks damn great :D
Nagashiwa 2006-02-09 08:15:27 ^^'' Danm zo'n holle rug? of heo je dat zegt.. zo kan ik niet eens staan joh^^'' naja gaat wel staat alleen niet echt zo relaxt snap je^^'' Maare verder.. hmm maru's gezicht ziet er weer anders uit ^.~
lotsofblood 2006-02-10 16:33:27 I'm not sure what Maru just said but I agree with him ;)
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