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this is Maru Nagashiwa, Kenji's sister and Hayate's Girl friend in the manga ^_^ but I guess you already know, or don't you ^_~
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Shinfate this is Maru Nagashiwa, Kenji's sister and Hayate's Girl friend in the manga ^_^ but I guess you already know, or don't you ^_~
r7ll 2006-02-08 11:30:37 Very nice, lovely lines. I'm no expert on anatomy but her torso looks a little long to me.. do correct me if I'm wrong though ^^
Def Character 2006-02-08 13:51:46 It's not the torso its the difference in armlenght that bothers me ^^
Kheine 2006-02-09 07:14:30 For me it looks damn great :D
Nagashiwa 2006-02-09 08:15:27 ^^'' Danm zo'n holle rug? of heo je dat zegt.. zo kan ik niet eens staan joh^^'' naja gaat wel staat alleen niet echt zo relaxt snap je^^'' Maare verder.. hmm maru's gezicht ziet er weer anders uit ^.~
lotsofblood 2006-02-10 16:33:27 I'm not sure what Maru just said but I agree with him ;)
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everyone who has ever played FFVI (III on SNES) , may know this scene , you had to choose between a moogle or an amulet , guess what I chose...^o^
i really like the consept, but its a really old pic.. i think im gonna redraw it, so hopefully you'll be able to see it soon!    used pencil crayons
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Another one of my experimental pose sketches. And once again Harry Potter. From left to right the faces are: James, Lily and Sirius. I've made Sirius a bit fiminine, somehow I never manage to get him right :( I was going for emotion in this pic. Harry misses his loved-ones (If you read OotP you know why Sirius is with Harry's parents). The faces are memories/ghosts looking down on him.
A little too late, but here it is
Again, no legs. You will most likely never see any of my drawings with legs. Anycrap, the woman in the picture is supposed to look like she is walking in water. I think i saw this woman in a scene from InuYasha or some other television show of the sort.
lol sorry this is not really manga, but, i just wanted to add it .. i still hope you like it ......
this is my friend ochie...
obviously she's into basketball and she usually gain the highest score when we were having basketball tournament.... hehehehe
An elf who looks sad :( (^0^)
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comment please...I'm quite hapy with it...