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This drawing illustrates how stupid the training modes in fighting game can be
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lotsofblood This drawing illustrates how stupid the training modes in fighting game can be
Nightwind 2006-02-10 02:49:09 Yeah I know exactly what you mean!!!!! like in mortal kombat that's too freaking simple!!
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Heh, somehow I managed to make Vicious from Cowboy Bebop look kinda cuddly O_O
Anyways this is part of the 'pay homage to your favorite magna seires' that we have gonig on in the forums right now   go check it out ^_^d
okay not anything is right..

but me like this one^^
Hey guys. Been awhile ^^ This picture is a gift for my friend, Chisa. She has been staying with us for a few months and is going back to Japan tomorrow. This picture is of her World of Warcraft character. What do you guys think?
Chinese martial Robot - Yin and Yang.
i saw the naruto/sasuke pic on the internet and decided to add gaara and sai
well i still want a background for the drawing whit the 2 dragons so i created these 2 but i really dont know whits one. so i leave the up to you guys ^^, whits one should i take as bg. ow its created whit photo shop 6 ^^.
this one is exelent and a bit different from the others dont think any1 know this one
This is actually form I think over a month and a half ago... I don't remeber. I just got it back from my english teacher today. I entered this pice in a contest for the team litterary magazine. (I feel so professional having me picture on a magazine cover! =3 ...Even if it is a crappy 8th grade magazine... X3)O_o Ack. There's so much I wanna fix now. TT_TT
comic character that a friend and I worked on.  comic never went anywhere tho. :(
Silke from Berserk. A bit more adult this time. I don't actually remember if I posted the other piece here.
I finished painting the sketch I made of my friend's WoW character. It turned out pretty bitchin', if I do say so myself. Say hello to....MEGANLOMANIA! (...and Ancona Chicken.)
Just a quickie so I'll have something here. His name is Faust.
This was actually supposed to be a simple sketch to test some colouring skills, but in the end im pretty happy with the result. Visit me at for more work!
I don't know why i drew this it kind of just fit the moment.